The Australian Business Forum facilitates Australian businesses looking to engage with China. They recently engaged with Digital Presence to promote their Australian China BusinessWeek (ACBW) event. This event helps Australian SMEs expand their business into the Chinese Market.


To promote the ACBW event, Digital Presence developed a complete digital marketing strategy that included:

SEO Management

  • A LinkedIn Campaign
  • A Facebook Campaign
  • An AdWords Campaign
  • Writing multiple Press Releases

The proven SEO tactics developed by Digital Presence helped increase online visibility for the ACBW event. With keyword research and optimisation, the Digital Presence team were able to ensure high rankings for ACBW.

We also implemented successful campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google AdWords that improved website traffic, and in turn increased event registration. Both the Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns were successful due to detailed audience targeting across both platforms. When implementing a social media campaigns, the first thing you must focus on is understanding your target audience and knowing where they are online.

We spent time working with the ABF to decide who their biggest target audience was and how we could best reach them. The time and effort worked wonders for these two campaigns.

The content creators at Digital Presence also wrote and published numerous press releases for the event. For an event the size of this one, it was important for us to focus beyond the digital landscape and implement some traditional marketing tactics. The press releases garnered even more support for the event, beyond the digital world.


Our promotion of the event was very successful. The majority of seminars held throughout the week were sold out, and the rest had a very strong attendance. The success of the ACBW event is a major win for us as well, as we have formed a great partnership with the Australian Business Forum.

Chairman of the Australian Business Forum had to say

“Having worked with other Digital Marketing Enterprises, I was so pleased to have engaged Digital Presence to provide their expertise, with key digital assets. Louie, Olga and the Digital Presence Team are true professionals and nice people to work with. Australian Business Forum looks forward to a long association.”

– Ray Evans

We believe that great success can come from a great strategy. We tailor all our strategies to suit the needs of our clients. If you need help promoting your business or event, we can help. Contact us today to see what digital strategy is right for your business.

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