Our Approach

The University of Technology Sydney, MBT were hosting an event, with keynote speaker David Marquet. However, they were not seeing the attendance numbers they had hoped for.
UTS MBT turned to the experts at Digital Presence, in hope of increasing their website’s Google ranking for any event they were hosting, with keynote speaker, David Marquet. When UTS MBT first engaged our services, there were three months left until the event.

Our goal was to rank it as the number one Google search result before the event took place. After implementing an SEO campaign, we saw results within 2 weeks. Two months before the event was set to take place, the event page was already ranked on page one, in position number 3. For the University of Technology Sydney MBT, Digital Presence delivered

  • A complete, tailored SEO strategy
  • Increased awareness for the event, and improved online visibility for UTS MBT


  • Improved event page rankings in 2 weeks, from page 5 to page 1 of Google search results
  • Ranked in the third position on page one, within a month
  • Increased audience attendance at the event
  • Improved organic traffic for UTS MBT Community website


Our Approach

D’nM Wedding Films were not recieiving as much organic traffic as they needed, to be successful. They began working with Digital Presence when they realized just how competitive the wedding film industry in Sydney was. They were in the process of launching a new website and wanted to ensure they were always ranked in the number one position on Google.

The experts at Digital Presence helped D’nM Wedding Films become a leader in the wedding film industry, with high ranking search results and increased organic traffic to their website, all in the space of fewer than six months.
Digital Presence worked with D’nM Wedding Films to deliver a:

  • Complete SEO assessment of their current website and rankings
  • Detailed data analysis to ensure we were giving them the best recommendations for optimal results
  • Full SEO campaign that continues to keep them ranked in position 1


  • Increased organic traffic by 13.2% in the first 5 months
  • Ranked on page 1, position 1 for ‘wedding films Sydney’ and ‘wedding filmmaker’
  • Achieved position 1 in Google places for ‘wedding video Sydney’
  • Ranked within the top 3 positions, on page 1, for 7 competitive keywords


Our Approach

The Australian Business Forum facilitates Australian businesses looking to engage with China. They recently engaged with Digital Presence to promote their Australian China BusinessWeek (ACBW) event. This event helps Australian SMEs expand their business into the Chinese Market.


Our promotion of the event was very successful. The majority of seminars held throughout the week were sold out, and the rest had a very strong attendance. The success of the ACBW event is a major win for us as well, as we have formed a great partnership with the Australian Business Forum.


Our Approach

Ecodesign was struggling to be seen in the competitive online world, and their search result rankings were way below their competitors. As a result, they were losing organic traffic, and not getting many leads.

They needed an SEO strategy that would improve their online visibility and grow their business. Ecodesign approached the team at Digital Presence because they wanted to increase organic traffic for the website. Our individually tailored SEO strategy helped Ecodesign increase their online presence.

Thanks to our unique approach to digital marketing, Ecodesign is now ranked number one on Google for some of the most competitive search terms. Now Ecodesign continues to use our expert services to continuously rank above their competition. Digital Presence delivered a:


  • Number 1 position on Google Place for search term ‘Castle Hill Landscaping’
  • First position search result for eleven competitive keywords in the Castle Hill area
  • 53.7% of website traffic is organic search results, within the first 5 months
  • Increased ranking position for 12 competitive search terms in the Greater Sydney region


Our Approach

App Boxer came to Digital Presence with the goal of ranking on page one of high traffic keywords including App Development Sydney, Mobile App Development and App Developers among other. As these were all high traffic keywords, ranking on page one was a challenge.
App Boxer was not ranking high for any key words, which meant that the Digital Presence team had to start from scratch with a complete SEO campaign for App Boxer.

Within one month, App Boxer was already beginning to see the results of the SEO campaign implemented by Digital Presence. Within two months, App Boxer had already gained their biggest lead to date through SEO, and they are now achieving several new leads a day. Digital Presence achieved these results through:

  • Undertaking a complete SEO audit
  • Monitoring high traffic keywordsn
  • Implementing a bespoke SEO campaign
  • Updating the website with an optimized homepage, several landing pages, extra content and more call to actions


  • Increased the number of ranked keywords from 1 to 11
  • Ranked on high page 1 for the highly competitive keyword ‘app developers’ & others
  • Achieved page 1 or page 2 position for 12+ keywords
  • Signed first major SEO lead within 2 months

UTS MBT Post Graduate Information Session

Our Approach

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is one of Australia’s leading technology universities. For 30 years they have given over 200,000 students a world-class education, in hundreds of courses. Their Masters of Business and Technology Program (MBT) is one of those courses. Their goal is to become a world-leading university of technology. However, the UTS MBT program was getting lower than expected attendance at their information. To increase attendance, they needed to successfully promote the program in the digital landscape. UTS MBT engaged with Digital Presence to develop a strong social media marketing campaign, that improved attendance at the information session. The team at Digital Presence:

  • Audited the existing UTS MBT social media engagement to determine where best to run the campaign;
  • Created a LinkedIn campaign, using multiple key messages and target audience
  • Managed the campaign that ran for 4 weeks.


  • Increased organic website traffic
  • Improved event registration and attendance
  • 38,238 impressions on their LinkedIn Campaign

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