Eco Design is a landscape design, planning and arboriculture consultancy practice. For 15 years they have helped their clients create harmonious living spaces. They believe in designing and creating beautiful and functional landscapes to ensure living areas flow seamlessly from inside to out.

In the past, Eco Design relied primarily on past client referrals and they were not getting a lot of organic traffic to their website. They were also ranked low on Google search results, which meant that potential customers would not be able to find their business.


As a result, they weren’t reaching as many local people as they could have been and the business was struggling to get new clients, outside of their referrals. They needed a way to improve their organic ranking and in time get more organic website visits to become the number one landscaping business in the Hills District.

Eco Design enlisted in the help of Digital Presence to optimize their website within their main service area, Castle Hill and the rest of the Hills District in Western Sydney. However, the team at Digital Presence didn’t just want Eco Design to rank highly in one district of Sydney, they wanted them to rank highly in all areas. Using competitive, high traffic and relevant keywords, along with a specialized SEO strategy, Digital Presence increased the ranking of Eco Design in both the Hills District and the Greater Sydney area.

Digital Presence always tailors their SEO strategies to the specific needs and requirements of the client. For Eco Design, we focused specifically on improving the search results rankings for the keywords most relevant to their business. Within two months, Digital Presence was able to have the Eco Design website rank in first position in Google search results, within the Castle Hill area, for a multitude of keywords. The SEO strategy implemented by Digital Presence also helped Eco Design rank on Page 1 in the more competitive Greater Sydney area. Some of the top-ranking keywords in the Castle Hill area included:

  • Landscaping Design Sydney;
  • Landscape Architecture Sydney; and
  • Landscaper Sydney.

Our Approach

Eco Design was struggling to be seen in the competitive online world, and their search result rankings were way below their competitors. As a result, they were losing organic traffic, and not getting many leads. They needed an SEO strategy that would improve their online visibility and grow their business. Eco Design approached the team at Digital Presence because they wanted to increase organic traffic for the website.

Our individually tailored SEO strategy helped Eco Design increase their online presence. Thanks to our unique approach to digital marketing, Eco Design is now ranked number one on Google for some of the most competitive search terms. Now Eco Design continues to use our expert services to continuously rank above their competition.

Digital Presence delivered a:

  • SEO assessment of the current online competition
  • Tailored SEO strategy to suit the needs of Eco Design

under the Landscaper Sydney search term, Eco Design originally ranked in position 82. With the help of Digital Presence, Eco Design now ranks in position 1 for that search term.

Our individually tailored SEO strategy also increased organic search traffic for Eco Design. Within the first 5 months, organic search traffic makes up the majority of overall web traffic, with 53.7% organic search, as shown in figure 2. The increase in organic search has also helped them gain more viable leads and improve their competitiveness in the digital landscape

Result !

  • Number 1 position on Google Place for search term ‘Castle Hill Landscaping’
  • First position search result for eleven competitive keywords in the Castle Hill area
  • 53.7% of website traffic is organic search results, within the first 5 months
  • Increased ranking position for 12 competitive search terms in the Greater Sydney region

Since Eco Design began working with us in July 2017, Digital Presence has worked tirelessly to maintain Eco Design’s high ranking on Google Search in both Castle Hill, and the wider Sydney region. Now Eco Design uses our specialized tools and techniques to ensure they are the most visible landscaping company in the Hills District.

Contact us today to find out how we can bring your business to the forefront of the digital landscape and put you ahead of your competition, with our tailored SEO strategies and expert digital marketing gurus.

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