Case Study – Boosting Google Rankings for a University Keynote Event

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MBT Community Presents David Marquet – Turn the Ship Around

The Digital Presence Team was called in to boost Google rankings for an upcoming event with keynote speaker David Marquet at the University of Technology Sydney.

With three months to go, we got the event page ranking higher than other pages by authority sites like Forbes, Amazon and Entrepreneur.

Our objective was to raise awareness of this special event with leadership expert David Marquet, while also raising awareness of the Masters of Business and Technology Program and its community. We set out to implement some powerful SEO to increase the rank and traffic of the community website and event page. The Board of the postgraduate business program wanted the MBT Community website to be ranking well by the time of the event.

Despite having 3 months until the event, it was important to get the site ranking as quickly as possible to leave time to promote and sell tickets for the event during the lead up to it. After only two weeks, the website responded well to our SEO efforts and jumped up two pages from its original position.

Photo Credit UTS MBT Community Website

Photo Credit UTS MBT Community Website

Their website was on page one well before the event.

We got the website onto page one of Google with two months still to go until the event. We were happy to announce the website’s new position of a number three ranking on page one, after two official pages from the speaker David Marquet’s personal website. We even outranked David’s LinkedIn profile!

By boosting the MBT community’s website from a low page five ranking to top three on page one, we successfully improved ranking and increased traffic as hoped – and in only a few weeks.

Not only did the new ranking position help with attendance for the event, but it also brought the client’s website into a stronger position through the increase in traffic to the site, which in turn helped to rank it higher in other searches and so increase the visibility of the organisation.

Here’s what the client had to say:

The Digital Presence team has done an amazing job for our event marketing. Through their clever SEO strategy they managed to get our event page as high as third place on Google search result page one, and all of that within a couple of weeks. I’m sure Olga and the team are some sort of SEO wizards that I highly recommend should you ever need to see your company on Google Page one. We thank you for your remarkable efforts!”

 Jens Pistorius

UTS Master of Business and Technology Community 

Helping businesses and organizations like the MBT Community achieve their goals ]is what we’re all about at Digital Presence. We’re always happy to see the way a powerful digital marketing strategy can affect the success of a single event and contribute to the consistent growth of a business through reliable, increased contact with potential clientele.

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