D’nM Wedding Films – SEO Case Study

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D’nM Wedding Films is set to become Australia’s premier wedding videographer & we are very proud to say they are one of our many specialist clients.

The Story so far:

Initially the company approached us here at Digital Presence when they realised that they were in an increasingly competitive market and needed some help in placing themselves as high as possible (preferably high page 1) of any relevant high traffic keyword phrases.

We achieved this for them in a very short space of time, and in fact so successfully that they are now very often to be found right at the very top of the rankings, in different areas in Sydney depending of course on the search term that the potential client had entered…..

Initially, D’nM Wedding Films approached us because they had seen their rankings slip, plus as they are launching a new website they asked us to ensure that they would appear at the top of any rankings.

Using the latest SEO tools, we delivered a full SEO assessment of the website and analysed the data to provide the company with the very best and most powerful recommendations that we could put together. We then worked with their own web developer in order to help implement our recommendations …..and we followed that by launching a full SEO campaign for the website.

When the company first approached us, the wedding videography market was already quite crowded, but recently a lot of major players have entered the market and made this particular niche extremely competitive. Optimising a website is all about creating as many potential business leads through driving as much traffic to the site as possible. However, we also have to bear in mind that the competition are using similar strategies.

Luckily, we do have experience in this particular marketplace because we’ve ranked a few similar websites in the past, so we knew exactly what we needed to do in order to ensure as high a position as possible for D’nM Wedding Films. We didn’t have to reinvent the wheel because we had designed the wheel in the first place!

As you might imagine, D’nM WF’s rankings have vastly improved and continue to climb.

Screenshot 1

The data shows a 13.2% improvement in SEO traffic within the past five months, compared to the previous five months.

Screenshot 2

There are quite a few high traffic keywords within this niche, but nevertheless we were able to ensure that the DNM WF website (dnmweddingfilms.com.au) appeared consistently in the top five Google searches which use these high traffic keywords. That meant that we placed DNM WF ahead of their competition.

Screenshot 3

In spite of the fact that DNM WF were not appearing in any high Google places at the beginning of our SEO campaign, locally, they are now firmly established as the number one wedding videographer. Not a bad result from what was effectively a standing start.


We feel that we have gone well beyond the customer’s initial expectation levels by making sure that their website is in a consistently high position – that is to say high on page 1 of any Google search. This gives them the maximum visibility, traffic and therefore leads.We have now moved forward to the next stage and are assisting DNM WF to convert enquiries into business by tuning the CTA (Call to Action) elements on their website whilst at the same time maintaining their rankings.

Visit their website and see for yourself how amazing & stunning their works are www.dnmweddingfilms.com.au

Screenshot 1 – 5 months SEO traffic compared to previous period.

Screenshot 2 – Keyword Ranking Report, current ranking compared to their rankings before we started the SEO campaign.

Screenshot 3 – Keywordwedding video sydney” (DNMWF Top 1 in Google Places)