Dreamlife Wedding Photography – A SEO Case Study

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DreamLife Wedding offers photographic as well as cinematic wedding packages throughout Australia and as a matter of policy, the company only employs the very best photographers. They are the best in the business and it is therefore only right that they should employ the very best to ensure the most visible Internet presence possible.

Dreamlife Wedding SEO Rankings

Digital Presence Solutions is one of Australia’s leading Digital Marketing Agencies and DreamLife has been our SEO client for six months. DreamLife tried several other SEO companies which unfortunately were unable to deliver what they had promised and needless to say, when we spoke to DreamLife for the very first time they were a bit sceptical when we told them that we would rank them at number one on Google for keywords ‘wedding photography’ as well as ‘wedding photographers’.

For good measure we also promised to improve their rankings for their city-based keywords such as ‘Wedding Photography Sydney’, ‘Wedding Photography Melbourne’ and ‘Wedding Photography Brisbane’.

In keeping with our company’s policy of ‘under-promise, over-deliver’, we asked them to give us six months to create and achieve the ranking progress that they were looking for.

In only two months we began to see some real progress……. and within three months DreamLife hit NUMBER ONE for ‘wedding photography’. Unsurprisingly, the other keywords followed.

They were so thrilled with the results that we were achieving in just three months that they gave us other websites to optimise, including their New Zealand branch as well as another business they own in Brisbane.

Once again, the results were spectacular. In six months we improved the company’s SEO traffic by over 53% and because of the increased SEO traffic they have extended their market reach. In fact, new visitors were clicking onto their site to such an extent that in the last six months there has been an increase of over 50%, compared to the previous half-year.


Dreamlife Wedding SEO Traffic Improvements

Currently we are very pleased to report that they remain our client and have recently renewed the contract for another six months while we continue to maintain their top rankings at High Page 1 in order to increase and maintain their visibility, traffic and leads. Dreamlife Wedding Photography continues to dominate the top of Google Australia for a lot of wedding photography related keywords.

Have a look at Dreamlife Wedding Australia website at www.dreamlifewedding.com.au