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Hobbysew – SEO Case Study

The beginning

Hobbysew ( has been a client of ours for nearly two years and their brief to us was very straightforward. It was to increase the traffic to their website and by doing so, to increase the revenue of their online store.

In 2014 they were trying to establish a presence on the web and had four keywords on page 1. Within months of engaging us, they had over 25 keywords on page 1, as well as four keywords at No 1.

The results were spectacular and the online store revenue doubled.


Hobbysew SEO Traffic Increase 2014-2016

How we did it

Hobbysew had just completed the redevelopment of the their e-commerce website so the first thing we had to do was to make sure that all of their website pages were optimised. That involved us in quite a large volume of work with the company together with their own in-house team in order to perfect their on-site SEO, so that their website would respond better to the SEO strategies which we were about to implement.

That involved creating unique content for each product, as well as for each category and brand. We made this as easy as possible for the Hobbysew team by working with them in order to ensure that the changes they made to the site were going to be in keeping with our overall SEO strategy.

SEO for an eCommerce BusinessThe mistake many online stores make is to simply duplicate the web content of their suppliers rather than create their own unique content. Because many online stores are in the habit of taking this approach, Google sees their sites as no more than duplicate content. That means that if other online stores are distributing the same products, it is  possible for there to be hundreds of sites with exactly the same content. That means that unless a site differentiates itself from the crowd, it will be almost impossible for a site to achieve a page 1 ranking. Creating a unique site is always the starting point.

However, it is not a question of simply creating unique content, but the meta data should also be well written and optimised according to the product, its category and brand.

In addition, we worked on over 100 keywords which were a combination of both generic and brand words.

For example, when you are promoting a sewing business, generic words and phrases such as ‘sewing machine’ and ‘sewing’, among many others, tend to be very competitive.

Once again, in order to differentiate our client’s website, we tailored our SEO strategy by helping them to achieve their goal of taking as many keywords as possible  to page 1. We helped Hobbysew to achieve that in a very short space of time and we continue to do so to this day.

Where we are now

We have expanded Hobbysew’s Internet visibility by increasing the traffic to their website and so improving the site’s overall ranking. Consequently they have doubled their revenue and continue on an upward trajectory with the help of a constantly evolving SEO strategy and our ability to continue to take more keywords to Google’s page 1.

We are giving the company increased visibility which in turn results in more traffic to their website, generating an increasing number of leads which inevitably produces more sales.