Adwords Management

PPC Campaigns

  • Want to attract new customers?
  • Trying to break into markets that are beyond your reach?
  • Needing a sure fire way to increase your brand’s advertising ROI?

Digital Presence Solutions can help – with a customized PPC campaign for your brand.

Our team of AdWords specialists is committed to helping our clients reach their online marketing goals in a cost-effective manner that guarantees a bigger ROI.

Pay Per ClickDigital Presence Solutions’ PPC campaigns are strategically planned to only attract customers who are ready to buy your product or service – right now. No time wasters, no tire kickers. Just 100% real, targeted traffic.

We focus on ROI by using methods that are proven to lower investment costs and produce bigger returns. We achieve this using a systematic approach to SEO in our PPC campaigns that distinctly identifies your targeted audience and then goes after it using relevant keywords and phrases along with strategically placed ads.

Our in-depth analysis seeks out relevant keywords to see how well your site is ranking for them and how well it could be ranking with other keywords instead. Conversely, we also avoid the chance of invalid clicks and the inclusion of negative keywords that could have a less-than-desirable effect on your PPC campaign.

Digital Presence Solutions’ comprehensive approach to PPC campaigns also includes precision targeting that allows for including or excluding specific geographical locations, keywords, days and/or times and a number of other custom variables as well.

Our PPC campaigns are especially beneficial for smaller brands because they put YOU in control of your advertising budget. There is no minimum amount to spend and YOU decide your own budget. You deal with Google directly when it comes to paying for the ‘clicks’ generated by the Ads. Our campaign monitoring services are charged in a separate, but minimal fee that provides you with round the clock analysis of your PPC campaigns along with the experience and know-how of certified AdWords specialists working directly with you – for you.

Our strategy includes the most suitable methods for your overall campaign objective, whether for increasing brand awareness or improving your website’s traffic. We treat your campaign like our own because we know that our success depends on your success – and we are committed to achieving both!

If you’re ready to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level, give the AdWords pros at Digital Presence Solutions a call. We can help you strengthen your existing PPC campaign or work closely with you to create a completely new campaign from the ground, up. You can dial us direct at +61 2 8973 7488 or use the handy form on our Contact Us page to reach one of our AdWords experts any time.