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Are you running a B2B business, or selling to business professionals? Then you need to run LinkedIn Campaigns.
LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. With around 530 million users, LinkedIn’s main demographic is businesses and professionals, which makes it the perfect place for businesses to sell to other business. The easiest way to sell your business to other professionals is through a LinkedIn Campaign. LinkedIn Campaigns are quickly growing in popularity, which is why the expert team at Digital Presence are beginning to implement them more for their clients.
LinkedIn Campaigns are paid promotions that are run on LinkedIn. They are similar to Facebook campaigns but offer more detailed options for different campaign types and audience targeting. Savvy business owners know that the best way to reach other businesses and professionals is through LinkedIn. If your business is not on LinkedIn then you are missing out on all the action. By running a campaign or two on LinkedIn, you will reach your target audience faster, and with more direct messaging that is relevant to them.

Tailored Audience Targeting

Through a LinkedIn campaign, businesses can target their audiences based on job title, job industry, and previous educational institution, among other demographics. Having such detailed audience targeting is something that you don’t get with Google Campaigns.

LinkedIn also helps you engage with your ideal target audience, at the right time. The team at Digital Presence are experts in targeting the right audience for your business. With a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of your business, Digital Presence will develop, design and implement a LinkedIn campaign that targets the right messages to the right audiences.

Campaign types to suit your needs

LinkedIn also offers a multitude of different campaign options, so there is guaranteed to be one that suits your needs. Having so many campaign types to choose from allows you to run multiple campaigns at one time and monitor which one works the best for your business.

Of course, you don’t have time to do that, because you’re busy running your business, which is why Digital Presence is here to help. We will continuously manage and monitor your campaigns to analyze which ones are the most effective and gets you the biggest ROI. All you have to do is sit back and watch the new leads roll in.

Our success stories

As experts in digital marketing, we help our clients produce effective LinkedIn Campaigns. Our unique approach to delivering LinkedIn Campaigns has already garnered a lot of success for our clients.

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