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SEO ConceptSavvy business owners know that a well-marketed brand is a successful brand. They also know that in today’s day in time, much of that success is based on their brand’s online presence. Digital Presence can help you harness the power of the web and use it to your advantage via one of our customized SEO campaigns.

Search engines are constantly updated with complicated algorithms to ensure consumers are provided with the most relevant and accurate search results. While this creates a more stable user experience for the consumer, outdated websites with poorly structured SEO practices will absolutely feel the effects of being inflexible, due to extreme dips in traffic and lost revenue.

The online marketing industry has changed tremendously over the years. SEO strategies that produced amazing results a few short months ago may not have any effect on today’s algorithms.

Digital Presence takes the guesswork out of SEO and digital marketing and provides you with real results, real fast. Our SEO experts also monitor the progress of your SEO campaigns to ensure every dollar you invest in our services is used to your full advantage and provide you with detailed reports and analysis of your results.

Whether you are a small business needing exposure for your brand or a large corporation wanting to maintain their leverage in the industry market, Digital Presence can create a successful SEO plan for you.

Proven Tactics To Increase Your Brand’s Exposure and ROI

Our proven SEO methods are results-driven, meaning if you aren’t seeing results, our methods change. By constantly tweaking our efforts, we are able to keep your brand on top of algorithm changes and ahead of your competition.

Real Client SEO Traffic Improvement

Comprehensive Approach To SEO That Exceed Your Marketing Goals

We take a multifaceted approach to search engine optimisation to ensure the proper flow of results. Our SEO process involves:

  • Technical Assessment

A technical assessment of your website will give us valuable insight into where your current SEO strategy could be improved, what’s missing and what we can do better. This information allows us to customize a SEO plan for you that works for your brand, not against it.

  • Keyword Mapping and Optimisation

We research relevant keywords for your brand to determine which keywords it is currently ranking for and which additional keywords could be added to your digital marketing campaign to improve your brand’s search engine ranking.

Once the keywords have been thoroughly researched and mapped, we construct a clear, concise marketing plan for optimising your brand’s online presence to rank higher than your competitors using the results of our research.

  • Content and Backlink Strategies

Our content and backlink strategies incorporate the use of your brand’s highest ranking keywords to direct traffic back to your website in a natural, organic process. We create high quality, SEO-based content using your keywords and strategically-placed backlinks to direct the flow of target traffic back to your website.

It Pays To Have An Experienced SEO Agency On Your Side

Sydney based SEO agency Digital Presence has been building and optimising websites since 1996 – way back when Excite, Yahoo!, AltaVisa and Infoseek ruled the web. We were also there when Google stormed onto the search engine scene two years later and changed all the rules. We already had several years of experience in the digital marketing and SEO industry when search engine friendly CMS platforms like WordPress and Joomla were introduced. Learning and adapting to the constant changes in the digital marketing and SEO industries has kept our SEO experts on top of their game and we look forward to putting our skills to work for you.

Despite our in-depth knowledge of SEO, we also realize the importance of web development, proper networking and the sales funnel – all of which are key ingredients to any successful digital marketing campaign. We don’t just drive traffic to your site – we convert those clicks into clients. Digital Presence realize the sense of urgency our clients have to get their website to Page 1 of search engine results in the quickest way possible. However, we also know that instant success is often short-lived, which is why our SEO campaigns are created with long-term, continued success in mind. Check our SEO Case Studies now and read about our client’s success stories.

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