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The University of Technology Sydney, MBT were hosting an event, with keynote speaker David Marquet. However, they were not seeing the attendance numbers they had hoped for. UTS MBT turned to the experts at Digital Presence, in hope of increasing their website’s Google ranking for any event they were hosting, with keynote speaker, David Marquet. When UTS MBT first engaged our services, there were three months left until the event


Our goal was to rank it as the number one Google search result before the event took place. After implementing an SEO campaign, we saw results within 2 weeks. Two months before the event was set to take place, the event page was already ranked on page one, in position number 3.
For the University of Technology Sydney MBT, Digital Presence delivered:

  • A complete, tailored SEO strategy
  • Increased awareness for the event, and improved online visibility for UTS MBT


  • Improved event page rankings in 2 weeks, from page 5 to page 1 of Google search results
  • Ranked in the third position on page one, within a month
  • Increased audience attendance at the event
  • Improved organic traffic for UTS MBT Community website

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