Who We Are

At Digital Presence Solutions we are committed to your success. Our goal is to develop strategic SEO & Digital Marketing campaigns that surpass your competitors and establish your business as an authority in its industry. Our mission statement is simple:

  • To help startups achieve their goals and provide next level services to all businesses, large and small
  • To increase organic search engine rankings while increasing leads and conversion rates by using proven and ethical SEO strategies
  • To provide the comprehensive marketing strategies for every aspect of our clients’ online campaigns
  • To provide the very best value of services offered by any Digital Agencies

Team BuildingTo achieve the goals set forth in our mission statement, we consistently research the latest marketing trends to provide our clients with the freshest marketing tactics available. These new tactics in search engine optimization give our clients the edge they need to stay ahead of their competitors. Conversely, keeping abreast of the latest marketing trends also allows us to tweak our clients’ campaign to reflect those trends at any time, thereby maximizing its effectiveness.

Additionally, the team at Digital Presence Solutions brings over twenty years of combined experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Computer Science and Information Technology to the table. Our IT backgrounds and marketing experience blend together to create the perfect formula for developing effective Digital Marketing strategies that convert into sales. Our varied backgrounds enable us to interact with those in the technology field as well as those in the business sector, which creates that ‘happy medium’ required to be successful in both sectors.

Our digital marketing strategists understand the importance of using a variety of tools, tricks and tactics to reach any online marketing goal – and when it comes to doing so, they pull out all the stops. Digital Presence Solutions takes a comprehensive approach to digital marketing that incorporates all the tried and true methods of promoting your business to get the results you want. Some of the marketing methods used in our custom tailored digital marketing campaigns are:

Having a strong online presence can, literally, make or break your brand. Consumers are no longer referring to phone directories or newspapers to find the products and services they need. Three out of every four consumers have taken their search online, which means if your brand doesn’t stand out from the competition, chances are those consumers will never find you. A strong digital marketing campaign from Digital Presence Solutions can increase your brand’s visibility, improve conversion rates and grow your brand by leaps and bounds.

Although our digital marketing campaigns can help your brand improve its traffic overall, we can also target specific local and international audiences to influence your brand’s growth outside your traditional markets. Digital Presence Solutions have over two decades in the online marketing industry. We do not limit our services to Australian clients only. Our global client list includes major brands from the US, Asia, Europe and New Zealand.

We realize that your success is also our success and we pull out all the stops when it comes to helping you reach your marketing goals. We put our skills and experiences to work for you by increasing the visibility of your website and opening doors to new markets that were not available to you before. Our efforts do not stop once your web traffic starts. Conversely – that’s where the real work begins. The next challenge we help you overcome is converting those clicks into clients by ensuring that visitors to your site are interested, engaged and compelled to answer your call to action.

But our services don’t stop there. To ensure our digital marketing efforts are paying off for you in the most profitable way, our digital marketing experts monitor the progress of every campaign we create, from start to finish and beyond. This way, we are able to not only gauge how well our efforts are working, but also identify areas where we can improve the campaign and your results.

The team at Digital Presence Solutions is very thorough in what we do and we pride ourselves on creating successful online marketing campaigns that bring the absolute best and most profitable results. Online marketing can be a volatile industry. With this in mind, our campaigns are designed to adapt to changes in both your business and the current marketing trends to ensure that your website ranks. above  the competition time and time again, regardless of fluctuations in the industry.

Our Core Team

Louie Ramos

General Manager
Digital Strategy & Performance

Olga Ramos

Managing Director
Business Strategy & Development

Peter Reed

Peter Reed

Digital Marketing Specialist
International Partner


Staff Accountant

Dannie Buenaventura

Digital Marketing Analyst


Digital Marketing Assistant