Event Marketing: UTS MBT Keynote

Our Approach

The University of Technology Sydney, MBT were hosting an event, with keynote speaker David Marquet. However, they were not seeing the attendance numbers they had hoped for.
UTS MBT turned to the experts at Digital Presence, in hope of increasing their website’s Google ranking for any event they were hosting, with keynote speaker, David Marquet. When UTS MBT first engaged our services, there were three months left until the event.

Our goal was to rank it as the number one Google search result before the event took place. After implementing an SEO campaign, we saw results within 2 weeks. Two months before the event was set to take place, the event page was already ranked on page one, in position number 3. For the University of Technology Sydney MBT, Digital Presence delivered



Our Approach

D’nM Wedding Films were not recieiving as much organic traffic as they needed, to be successful. They began working with Digital Presence when they realized just how competitive the wedding film industry in Sydney was. They were in the process of launching a new website and wanted to ensure they were always ranked in the number one position on Google.

The experts at Digital Presence helped D’nM Wedding Films become a leader in the wedding film industry, with high ranking search results and increased organic traffic to their website, all in the space of fewer than six months.

Digital Presence worked with D’nM Wedding Films to deliver a:


La Mono

How La Mono Reached the Top of the Search Rankings
The Challenges

La Mono is a Sydney-based restaurant serving authentic Lebanese cuisine in Merrylands and Casula. Recognised for their mouth-watering dishes and signature charcoal chicken, local foot traffic was consistent. However La Mono had no digital marketing plan resulting in very low organic and local search engine rankings.

We partnered with La Mono because they wanted to be visible to a wider audience, grow their revenue and sell more of their famous charcoal chicken!

Increased competition means that businesses must make a digital impact to stand out amongst competitors. La Mono needed to amplify their digital presence to bring localised traffic to their website and increase phone orders.

See how our experts did it

Key Issues
Our Solution

For La Mono, SEO was about bringing more customers into the store and achieving greater sales results. Our hyper-targeted campaign focused on optimising the website’s SEO elements and implementing local search SEO to improve their Google rankings. Our Sydney-based experts recognised the most important keywords and brought La Mono to a Page 1 search engine ranking. 

But we didn’t stop there! Google Maps is an opportunity to bring online traffic and attention to the business. Now that the restaurant is visible to the 20+ surrounding suburbs, La Mono continues to see incredible results. 

Our partnership with La Mono has directly resulted in a 17.54% improvement to SEO traffic. The best part? The results of a strong digital presence just keep getting better – translating into around 1,000+ website visits and phone calls a month!


Our Approach
  1. Ecodesign was struggling to be seen in the competitive online world, and their search result rankings were way below their competitors. As a result, they were losing organic traffic, and not getting many leads.

They needed an SEO strategy that would improve their online visibility and grow their business. Ecodesign approached the team at Digital Presence because they wanted to increase organic traffic for the website. Our individually tailored SEO strategy helped Ecodesign increase their online presence.

Thanks to our unique approach to digital marketing, Ecodesign is now ranked number one on Google for some of the most competitive search terms. Now Ecodesign continues to use our expert services to continuously rank above their competition. Digital Presence delivered a:



Our Approach

App Boxer came to Digital Presence with the goal of ranking on page one of high traffic keywords including App Development Sydney, Mobile App Development and App Developers among other. As these were all high traffic keywords, ranking on page one was a challenge.
App Boxer was not ranking high for any key words, which meant that the Digital Presence team had to start from scratch with a complete SEO campaign for App Boxer.

Within one month, App Boxer was already beginning to see the results of the SEO campaign implemented by Digital Presence. Within two months, App Boxer had already gained their biggest lead to date through SEO, and they are now achieving several new leads a day. Digital Presence achieved these results through:


UTS MBT Post Graduate Information Session

Our Approach

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is one of Australia’s leading technology universities. For 30 years they have given over 200,000 students a world-class education, in hundreds of courses. Their Masters of Business and Technology Program (MBT) is one of those courses. Their goal is to become a world-leading university of technology. However, the UTS MBT program was getting lower than expected attendance at their information. To increase attendance, they needed to successfully promote the program in the digital landscape. UTS MBT engaged with Digital Presence to develop a strong social media marketing campaign, that improved attendance at the information session. The team at Digital Presence:


Ivy Contractor

The Challenges

Ivy Roofing Contractors is a highly reputable team of roofing specialists that provides roofing services throughout Sydney. To name just a few of their specialties, they offer roof restoration, repairs and the installation of new tile or metal roofs. Unsurprisingly their quality workmanship earned many word of mouth referrals – which became the basis of all their new business. 

Online visibility enables a business to reach a whole new targeted customer base. Growing Ivy Contractor’s digital presence was key in getting new online leads and taking their business to the next level! 

But that’s only the beginning of what incredible results can be achieved!

Key Issues
Our Solution

Working with Ivy Roofing Contractors we leveraged our expert knowledge to create a bespoke digital campaign. With focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) Ads, they received more traffic than ever before to their website.

Here at Digital Presence we stay true to our belief in a no ‘one size fits all’ method. Ivy Roofing is at its busiest on rainy days and we made sure to optimise the campaign to suit this. Guided by our Sydney-based experts, we are proactively recognising opportunities suited to your business niche to capitalise when demand is at its highest!

Ivy Contractors has invested in their short & long term success by achieving 2,369 PPC conversions, that’s a 240% increase! Our hyper-targeted PPC campaigns produce unbelievable results and solidify your digital presence in the online marketplace.


How Wedderburn Achieved 203% More Clicks From PPC
The Challenges

Wedderburn.com.au is an Australian online store supplying labelling, packaging and commercial point of sale equipment. A trusted Australian supplier since 1986, Wedderburn is family-owned and serves a loyal clientele. Maintaining steady growth, they wanted to improve their digital presence through a tailored Google Ads campaign or Pay-per-Click (PPC) to increase traffic, clicks and sales!

Targeting the right people, at the right time is the formula to online business success. Our Sydney experts have all the right localised knowledge to optimise Ad words tailored to a business niche. 

Our partnership with Wedderburn has produced incredible results

Key Issues
Our Solution
To elevate Wedderburn’s PPC campaign the Digital Presence team developed a strategy suited to the current social climate.During COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions, more people are working from home and therefore looking to purchase equipment needed for their business. Additionally, Point of Sales systems are in demand as individuals make a move away from cash handling. Adapting the campaign to suit; Wedderburn’s online traffic grew exponentially.   We value our clients and always aim for the best possible return from investment. By liaising with Wedderburn we ensure the campaign is evolving with trends and our partnership continues to produce stunning results.

Since partnering with us Wedderburn.com.au decreased CPC and increased conversions by more than 10x in just a year! Our experts achieved a huge jump from only 48 PPC conversions, to now an amazing 595 recorded. 

Think Global Logistics

How TGL draws in 100+ leads on average each month
The Challenges

Think Global Logistics (TGL) is an Australian owned and operated freight forwarding company. An expert team with a culture of ‘Intelligent Practices’, TGL wanted to utilise their skills to service more clients. The online marketplace is a great source to find new leads and encourage business growth – companies operating in any industry have the potential to find a whole new, untapped client base!

TGL partnered with Digital Presence to begin a tailored SEO & Google Ads (PPC) campaign, aiming to improve their leads and sustain a strong online presence

Key Issues
Our Solution

At the beginning of the campaign TGL was averaging about 6 leads a month. Our experts proactively managed PPC and SEO strategies, made necessary adjustments to ensure it remained hyper-targeted, and the results were astounding!

In just 6 months Digital Presence had produced a perfectly suited digital marketing campaign that now draws in an average of 100+ leads monthly.  TGL had become visible to relevant business clients on Google, and our experts were able to use historical data to mature the campaign even further.

Think Global Logistics continues to see the number of their conversions grow and clicks have become more targeted based on requirements. At first TGL averaged about 6 leads a month. By adapting campaign messaging and strategies to target the right audience, their website experienced a 23% improvement in SEO traffic.

Yes Dental

How we increase Yes Dental Phone Bookings by 300%+
The Challenges

Yes Dental has opened up a new dental clinic branch at the Rouse Hill Town Centre, one of the biggest shopping centres in the Hills District in Sydney. The management would like to increase their local exposure & online visibility within the Hills District to drive more online bookings & foot traffic to the clinic and fill up their 3 seats with regular patients.

They would also like to get more bookings on general dental check-up, dental cleaning, tooth filling & wisdom tooth removal from locals to take some market share from competitors.

Key Issues
Our Solution

Developed a customised & targeted Google Marketing Campaigns (SEO & Google Ads) to improve their online presence within their local & service areas to gain more visibility infront of their prospects

In just under 3 months we managed to improve Yes Dental’s local & organic rankings in Google within their local & service areas using effective & proven SEO strategies. We have also dominated the top of the search results by using targeted Google Ads campaigns, the results are:

    • Higher online visibility in the Rouse Hill & Hills District region
    • More Keywords reaching Page 1 & high Page 1 of Google
    • 300%+ increase in phone call bookings
    • More patients booking online via the Book Appointment tab
    • Seats filling up with patients
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Ninety five percent of the SEO companies out there do just enough work to keep you paying your monthly fee, they confuse you with terms and make you believe that what they are doing is working. You are just a Number ! Digital Presence take the time to explain what they are doing, in the monthly meetings look at the analytics and identify things that could be improved. Recently when a mistake had been made by a third party to the website, they went above and beyond and sorted it out. You are not just a number they are a partner in your business.
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Sometimes you meet someone and you just know that you’ll do great things together. This is what happened when I met Olga and Louie from Digital Presence. They are sincere with a high level of integrity. They do not only have great SEO knowledge and skills, but also communicate in simple and clear language. They are responsive and always focused on finding the best SEO solution for their customers.
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