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Search Engine Optimization

Our unique SEO strategies are guaranteed to enhance your website's visibility, improve search engine rankings and increase organic traffic, leads and sales. Let our team of digital marketing experts put their skills to use to create a rock­solid SEO strategy for your brand today.

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PPC & Adwords Management

Our PPC & Adwords Management services put YOU in control of your PPC campaigns. We plan and execute strategic PPC marketing strategies that achieve your most lofty PPC advertising goals, all the while keeping your costs at a bare minimum. Contact our PPC specialists today to find out how to get the most out of your PPC advertising dollar.

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Content Marketing

We know the value of high-quality content & the benefits it can bring to your brand. Our professional content writers are skilled in developing engaging, valuable content to keep your readers coming back for more. Our content marketing strategies work in tandem with the content we create to get your brand noticed & establish you as an expert in your industry. Give us a call to find out more about how our strategies can work for you.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Our team of digital marketing experts has years of combined experience in creating effective digital marketing strategies for brands of all sizes - with their personal goals in mind. Whether you want to increase traffic, improve your site's search engine ranking & your ROI - We can help. Our multi-faceted approach to online marketing provides our clients with a competitive edge over others in their industry. Give us a call now to find out what one of our custom digital marketing strategies can do for you.

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What We Do

Effective SEO Campaigns & Strategies

We create effective SEO strategies that are proven to help your brand outrank the competition. Over the years we've ranked hundreds of websites on top of Google for very competitive keywords worldwide.

Target the Right Audience

Digital Presence helps you target the right audience by only marketing to people interested in what YOU have to offer hence improving your site's CTR & Conversions and making a cost-effective Marketing campaign.

Engaging Social Media Campaigns

Our solid social media campaigns engage your followers and help put a "face" with a name, which builds trust between your brand and would-be clients.

Increase Traffic, Leads & Sales

Our effective online marketing campaigns help increase your brand's ROI by generating new traffic, driving more leads, generating more sales and revenue.

Complete Digital Marketing Strategies

We offer complete digital marketing strategies that help you not only reach, but also surpass your online marketing goals. We also provide a monitoring service that ensures the effectiveness of your campaign every step of the way.

Increase Online Visibility & Get Found

Our digital marketing strategies put your brand in the forefront of your industry to increase its visibility and help would-be clients in various markets easily find your brand.

Digital Marketing & SEO Case Studies

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Dreamlife Wedding Photography – A SEO Case Study

DreamLife Wedding offers photographic as well as cinematic wedding packages throughout Australia and as a...

SEO for an eCommerce Business What a Project!

Increasing Traffic and Boosting Sales for an eCommerce Website

Hobbysew - SEO Case Study The beginning Hobbysew ( has been a client of ours...

Reputation Management What a Project!

Suppress Negative Articles, Online Reputation Matters!

Why you DON’T always want to be number one! The beginning Believe it or not,...

Clients We've Worked With


Each one of our custom digital marketing campaigns begins with a full assessment of the client’s website as well as indepth competitor analysis, market research and keyword mapping. We also work closely with our clients during this initial phase to determine their marketing goals and discuss how we can build upon their current marketing campaigns already in place. Alternately, we show them how we can create a new marketing campaign from scratch to not only meet, but exceed their digital marketing goals.

strategyCreate The Strategy

We use the data compiled from our research to create comprehensive SEO and digital marketing strategies that are perfectly aligned with our client’s current marketing situation and future marketing goals. We realize there is no one size fits all plan when it comes to digital marketing. That’s why we consider every aspect from every angle to ensure we only create informed, well-planned digital marketing strategies that are results-driven.


Once the strategies are created, they are systematically implemented to maximize their effectiveness. We factor in historical records, seasonality and state of the market and what the prioirities are. We monitor the performance of the strategies and apply tweaks to address the weak points and enhance the strong points – to ensure the best possible outcome.

Report & Recommendationreports

At the end of the monthly campaigns, we provide detailed reports measuring the performance of the campaign, the improvements made, how many goals we’ve reached, online traffic, the amount of leads and conversion. We also provide recommendations to the clients that will help increase the campaign’s performance, whcih allows them to make informed decisions about their brand’s future.

Digital Presence are the best in the business when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. They have ranked our website LeMotion from no where to high Page 1 of Google in just 6 months and now we are getting a lot of traffic & leads.

April 2016 by Leon T.

Digital Presence have achieved amazing results for Guvera. Their experience & knowledge within the SEO space is second to none and they are very passionate & dedicated. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for outstanding & top organic search results for their business.

June 2012 by Rob H.

We love the work that Louie and Digital Presence have done for Australian Radio Towers. We have witnessed outstanding results from the SEO campaign instantly! They were able to achieved TOP rankings on most of the keyword phrases we targeted. We strongly recommend Digital Presence for Digital Marketing & SEO work”

October 2014 by Andrew P.

Thanks for all the great SEO work your company has done for Hobbysew. Since we have started with your company, we have seen our presents dominate Google Page One. This has resulted in massive increase in traffic, and tripling of our sales. Thanks - and look forward to continuing our progress into the future!

August 2016 by Chris C.
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