The Digital Presence Solutions Ecosystem

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We at Digital Presence Solutions are very conscious of many things, but most important is that we are totally aware of the fact that our clients’ successes ensure our own continuing success. That is also why our primary driving force is (and always will be) the ability to ‘add value’ to our customers and their […]

Online Marketing Exclusively Designed For The Hills’ Local Businesses

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It’s a New Era of Digital Marketing Digital Presence Solutions, a marketing agency already well established in Sydney’s Central Business District, has announced their move to The Hills, bringing an unparalleled level of marketing support for local businesses.    An Exciting Opportunity For Huge Business Growth The new Digital Presence office in the Norwest Business […]

How Website Content Can Negatively Affect Organic SEO

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When creating their first website, many brands feel the need to make a dramatic entrance into their nice in the online market. They believe the flashier the site, the bolder the fonts, the brighter the colors – the more attention the site will get because it stands out. Well, true – the site may get […]

google market trends

Evaluating Market Trends For New Product Launch

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You have this fabulous idea for a new product or service that you have been brainstorming for a while now. You are super excited to develop the product and introduce it to would-be buyers ASAP! You invest long hours, lots of money and a considerable amount of effort into getting this product off the ground……only […]

The Importance of SEO In Market Share Defense

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SEO is an intergral part of any online marketing campaign. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most misunderstood and misused terms in the online marketing world. If SEO is so misunderstood and misused, that means it is likely no where near as beneficial for some brands as it should be. To understand why this […]

Link Building! The Myths and Facts About It

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Link Building And Search Engine Optimization; How Do They Affect The Incoming Traffic To Your Business Website? Over the years, webmasters have done their level best to ensure that their websites rank at the top of most search engine searches. It was from their quest for online dominance that various strategies were conceived. These strategies […]

Content Strategy

How To Breathe New Life Into Old Content

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The Internet is inundated with content. It seems like every thing you want to say has already been said hundreds of ways, thousands of times. Even the best ideas become redundant over time because it’s almost like nobody has an original thought on the Internet anymore. Everything is hashed and rehashed to the point that […]

Blog Posts

10 Must-Do Audit Points For Every Blog Post

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If you have spend any time researching online marketing, you will know that not all blogs were created equal. Some blogs just seem to draw people in, in droves while others remain hidden in the dark, dark corners of the Internet – never to be discovered. So what’s the difference between a successful blog and […]

Content Strategy Team

Building Your Content Marketing Team

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A lot of work goes into a successful content marketing campaign. A lot. Don’t let anyone try and convince you otherwise. However, a content marketing campaign is only as strong as the team who created it. Simply scribbling out some content ideas on your screen and putting them out there in hopes that someone – […]