Google is Redefining the Rules of SEO

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Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important aspects of a successful digital marketing strategy. However, many businesses choose not to implement it because it is deemed too difficult and Google keeps changing the rules. And it becomes even more difficult to keep up because Google never actually announces the changes. They make changes […]

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Untapped Potential: What The Franchise Industry Is Leaving On The Table

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Certain Success or Failure for Franchisors Many of today’s highest-potential franchises are still exhibiting crippling digital marketing behaviour. Even in Australia, a world leader in the franchise industry, professionals continue to ignore the reality that to survive tomorrow they must evolve now. Can SEO determine commercial success or failure? 2018 marks yet another crucial decision […]

Is Your New Website Sabotaging Your SEO Efforts?

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Yes, we know it’s so exciting to have your new website up and running, with all your new content, pictures, videos, products and special features. Maybe you even splashed out on easier navigation and upgraded your User Experience. But how come the new version has resulted in lower clicks and conversions? There are a number […]

Digital Presence Invited to New South Wales Leaders

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One of 16 Businesses Selected for Leadership New South Wales Leaders have selected Digital Presence as one of the 16 leading growth companies to become Future Leaders Members. Honoured by the invitation, Digital Presence is excited for the following years of expansion opportunities as part of this thriving community of business leaders. An Exciting Opportunity […]

A Good Way to Start an SEO Campaign

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The chances are you’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and if you haven’t, don’t sweat it. SEO is simply the process of influencing the visibility of a web page or website on a search engine’s unpaid results. What’s more interesting, however, is how you can leverage SEO to drive relevant traffic, improve sales and […]

Marketing in the Digital Age

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The changes in marketing over the last two years have been greater than all the innovations over the previous 100 years and like many things before, it is all thanks to electronics, computers and the Internet. By now you will have heard the phrase ‘digital marketing’ although there are still those who consider this type […]

The Digital Presence Ecosystem

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We, at Digital Presence, are very conscious of many things, but most important is that we are totally aware of the fact that our clients’ successes ensure our own continuing success. That is also why our primary driving force is (and always will be) the ability to ‘add value’ to our customers and their businesses. […]

Online Marketing Exclusively Designed For The Hills’ Local Businesses

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It’s a New Era of Digital Marketing Digital Presence Solutions, a marketing agency already well established in Sydney’s Central Business District, has announced their move to The Hills, bringing an unparalleled level of marketing support for local businesses.    An Exciting Opportunity For Huge Business Growth The new Digital Presence office in the Norwest Business […]