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Google Ads Keyword Match Types in the Construction Industry

Google Ads for Construction Industry

In today’s digital world, Google Ads has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence, especially within the construction industry. This industry, characterised by intense competition and a constant need for lead generation, can significantly benefit from the targeted advertising capabilities offered by Google Ads. Understanding the nuances of keyword types including broad, exact, and phrase match, is crucial for construction businesses looking to optimise their ad campaigns for maximum ROI.


The Power of Keywords in Construction Marketing

Keywords are the driving force of any Google Ads campaign, and selecting the right type can make all the difference. 


  • Broad Match Keywords cast the widest net, allowing ads to show on searches related to your keyword, even if the search includes misspellings, synonyms, or related searches. This option maximises exposure but requires careful monitoring to ensure relevance.


  • Exact Match Keywords offer the highest level of precision, showing your ads only when the exact phrase is searched. This match type is ideal for targeting specific services, like “commercial roofing contractor,” ensuring high relevance and potentially higher conversion rates.


  • Phrase Match Keywords strike a balance between the two, where ads appear on searches that include the exact phrase, with additional words before or after. This option offers flexibility while maintaining a degree of control over ad relevance.


Each tier serves a unique purpose and is best suited for different advertising goals and strategies within the construction industry. Implementing these keyword types effectively can significantly enhance your Google Ads performance, ensuring your campaigns reach the right audience at the right time. Let’s take a closer look


Broad Match Keywords

Best Suited For: Broad match keywords are ideal for businesses looking to maximise their reach and visibility. This approach is particularly beneficial for new construction companies aiming to establish a presence in the market or for those looking to explore new market segments.


How to Implement: To implement broad match keywords, simply enter your chosen keywords into your Google Ads campaign without any additional punctuation. Monitor performance closely, using the search terms report to identify and exclude irrelevant queries through negative keywords. This helps refine your targeting, ensuring your ads maintain relevance to your intended audience.


Exact Match Keywords

Best Suited For: Exact match keywords are perfect for construction businesses targeting very specific queries. This match type is especially useful for companies offering niche services or targeting high-value projects where precision in targeting is crucial to attracting the right leads.


How to Implement: When setting up exact match keywords, enclose your keywords in brackets (e.g., [commercial roofing contractor]). This tells Google Ads to show your ads only when someone searches for that exact phrase or very close variations of it. Given the specificity required, it’s crucial to conduct thorough keyword research to understand exactly how potential clients are searching for your services.


Phrase Match Keywords

Best Suited For: Phrase match is a middle ground, ideal for businesses seeking a balance between reach and relevance. It suits construction companies looking to target customers within specific stages of the buying cycle, or when targeting phrases that closely relate to their services or local area.


How to Implement: Implement phrase match keywords by enclosing your keywords in quotes (e.g., “residential construction services”). This setup allows your ad to appear for searches that include your exact phrase, with the flexibility to have words before or after the phrase. Regularly reviewing the search terms report is also vital here to refine your targeting and weed out irrelevant traffic.


Implementing Keyword Strategies Effectively

For the construction industry, combining different keyword match types within your Google Ads campaigns can create a robust strategy that balances broad visibility with targeted precision. Here are a few additional tips for effective implementation:


Segment Campaigns: Consider creating separate campaigns or ad groups for each match type. This allows for more precise budget allocation and performance tracking.


Continuously Optimise: Regularly review your campaign performance, adjusting your keyword strategy based on what’s working. This includes refining match types, adjusting bids, and expanding your keyword list based on search trends.


Localised Targeting: For construction businesses, localising your keywords and ads can significantly improve conversion rates. Tailor your campaigns to target specific geographical locations where your services are offered.


By understanding and strategically implementing these keyword match types, construction businesses can enhance their Google Ads campaigns, leading to more efficient spend, improved ad visibility, and ultimately, higher quality leads.


Digital Presence’s Expertise in Google Ads for Construction

At DP, we specialise in tailoring Google Ads campaigns to the unique needs of the construction industry. Our deep understanding of the sector, combined with our expertise in digital marketing, enables us to craft highly effective keyword campaigns that not only increase visibility but also drive meaningful engagement and conversions. Whether it’s through precise targeting with exact match keywords or broadening reach with broad match options, our strategies are designed to maximise your investment and help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace.


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