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Building Your Content Marketing Team


Building Your Content Marketing Team

A lot of work goes into a successful content marketing campaign. A lot. Don’t let anyone try and convince you otherwise. However, a content marketing campaign is only as strong as the team who created it. Simply scribbling out some content ideas on your screen and putting them out there in hopes that someone – anyone – will click on it just won’t cut it. You have to take a multifaceted approach to content marketing and that approach requires experience, teamwork and dedication from a group of people with one common goal in mind – your success.

So how do you build a content marketing team and what do you do with one after its built? We have created a simple flowchart to explain how the team selection and content creation/marketing phases should work.

Key Members Of Your Content Marketing Team

Chief Editor – The Chief Editor is responsible for planning all aspects of your content marketing campaign – from devising an editorial calendar to implementing the best strategies to get your content out there and noticed.

Managing Editor – The Managing Editor is the liaison between the Chief Editor and other team members that focuses on delegating tasks and putting the Chief Editor’s plans into motion while overseeing the day to day, week to week and month to month progress of the campaign.

Writers and Editors – The writers and editors are responsible for creating high-quality, valuable content that is well-written, well-researched and establishes your brand as an authority in your niche. They are responsible for not only getting the attention of would-be clients, but also keeping their attention as well.

Web Designers – The web designers are responsible for taking all your fresh content and presenting it in a way that is aesthetically appealing to your visitors. Placement, colours, logos and other types of website text also fall under the web designers’ responsibilities.

Webmasters – The webmasters are the guys working behind the scenes to ensure all aspects of your website and content marketing campaigns are running smoothly and that everything gets published – and stays published. While no online marketing campaign would work without these guys, we usually forget how important their skills are until something is not working as it should be.

Important Skill Sets For Your Content Marketing Team

So now that you know which team members are integral to your content marketing campaigns, you need to choose them wisely before inviting them on board. While their skillset may be impressive, sometimes it just isn’t what you need, which can disrupt the teamwork flow and work against you instead of for you.

Portfolio – A great portfolio should be the starting point when bringing a new team member on board. The brands they have worked for in the past, whether large or small, has no bearing on their abilities. An impressive portfolio highlighting their best work is an ideal starting point in the selection process.

Marketing/Promotion Skills – Strong marketing and promotion skills are imperative to a successful content marketing team. Their job is to promote your brand and generate a buzz about your company, which requires above average marketing skills.

Social Media and Web Experience – Having a concrete knowledge of how various social media and blogging platforms work is non-negotiable when it comes to online marketing. Team members must know how and be able to utilize these powerful marketing tools to your advantage. No exceptions.

Research/Data Mining/Analytical Skills – Ideal team members would have a great deal of experience with online research and analysing current and historic Internet trends. This allows your team to stay ahead of the curve and gives you a competitive edge over your competition by knowing what’s hot and the type of content Internet searchers find most appealing.

Strong Communication Skills – Being a part of a winning content marketing team requires superior communication skills and the ability to work well, on-time and in tandem with others. There is a constant flow of information that needs to be communicated from one team level to another in order for your plans to go smoothly and bring the results you want. Any break down in that communication can also lead to a break down in your campaign and lead to lost revenue and a serious reduction in your brand’s overall ROI.

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