Google My Business as a digital marketing tool

Google remains one of the most popular and keenly used search engines on the world wide web and it has remained competitive by continually improving its capabilities and features.  Google My Business (‘GMB’) is one such feature that has been introduced to improve and enhance local searches; a real boost for smaller, location-dependent businesses.

Modern, tech-savvy consumers have access to a wealth of information when looking to purchase products and services online.  With online reviews in abundance through search engines and on such social platforms as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter, businesses really need to work hard to be seen and heard above the online noise of sales talk, promotions and ‘super deals’.  A feature like GMB is, therefore, the ideal opportunity for local businesses to find their local target audience without getting lost in the pages of irrelevant global providers.

Based on the search keywords, a regular Google search will produce a list of websites which includes a brief description.  Customers are required to click on the website and browse before deciding if that is what they are looking for before returning to the search results and going through the search process again.  Local searches are much more specific and focussed. A customer’s search for specific products and services in a particular location will produce a map that pinpoints local businesses followed by a listing of the top GMB profiles based on location, content and reviews. A completed GMB listing will include key information like a business address, contact details, business hours and website address.

Local searches help enhance word-of-mouth referrals as GMB gives customers access to reviews and recommendations that have been posted online as well as the business’ response.  Brick-and-mortar businesses can benefit from a GMB listing just as much as any other and it allows your business to be found at the exact moment that a potential customer is looking for your products/services.  Imagine it’s a hot, sunny day and some out-of-towners who are spending the day in your little village have a sudden craving for ice-cream.  A quick Google search on a smart phone will show these out-of-towners your local, family-owned ice cream shop on the search results map. An optimised GMB profile could be particularly eye-catching if it includes photos, reviews, and current promotions. Having a fully optimised, up-to-date and active GMB listing will ensure that your business in seen in local searches and ranks high – and greater lead generation leads to a higher conversion rate.

GMB is the ideal platform from which to reach out to your local customers.  By claiming your GMB listing, and optimising the profile by adding photos, content and all your business details, you can immediately improve your business’s ranking.  Complete your GMB listing, add your local keywords, and start connecting with your local customers today and, for more tips and hints on how to enhance your local SEO, feel free to get in touch with the team at Digital Presence.

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