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How to Choose a Full-Service Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency in Australia

Choosing to work with a digital marketing agency is easy. Unlike setting an in-house team that requires a full department with employees, an agency is simple for your business. It saves time, money, and other resources while coming with assured results within the shortest time

The hard part is choosing the digital marketing and advertising agency to hire.

As most businesses embrace the digital world, so do several digital marketing and advertising agencies. Every small business marketing agency always promises the best results within the shortest time. This is what makes choosing the ideal partner a little tricky.

However, with a working decision-making plan, you can always get a digital marketing agency that matches your goals for the desired outcomes. 

What to look for when hiring a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency 


Understanding where the agency excels is the first step toward choosing the ideal digital marketing and advertising partner. Analyse the SEO agency’s services to determine if they match your needs. After all, your interest is to land an incredibly analytical partner who pays attention to even the smallest details. 

A full-service digital marketing and advertising agency has perfected every digital marketing aspect and will cater to all your business digital marketing needs. Such agencies will provide you with a full suite of web marketing services from web design and building, content marketing, SEO, and more. 

Full-service digital marketing experts go beyond the basics of promoting your business. Such search engine marketing PPC agencies have the ideal framework to integrate the different marketing strategies. With varying marketing approaches having distinct audiences, your business can reach more people, helping you attain your marketing goals faster. 

Similar core values and company structure 

Aligning values is integral for any relationship, whether in business or partnership. Take a moment to understand your company’s core values and culture and understand what you stand for. After which, you can hire a marketing agency with similar values.

Hiring a business-to-business marketing agency whose values match yours makes it easy to collaborate with your team. Ultimately, the agency becomes an extension of your business. Creating a good fit between the internal employees and the agency personnel helps uphold your work culture. 

Define your business values, expectations, and goals before you start looking for a partner. You can then look for the agency that fits it perfectly. Look into how the agency describes its services, paying keen attention to the words and phrases. 

Feel free to skip any agency whose values do not match yours, no matter how many stellar results they promise. You’d rather spend time shopping around for a good fit than endure years of stress and mismatch. 

Experienced and specialised team members 

One of the best things about working with a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency is having access to a team of experts. Given that the agency will handle all aspects of your marketing and advertising, you are better off working with people who suit your project. 

Do your due diligence on the agency you want to work with to ascertain the qualifications of its members. Find out if they list their members on their about page. If not, you can also consider searching for the agency details on LinkedIn for a LinkedIn b2b marketing agency. 

By establishing facts about the team members, you understand their qualifications and what they have worked on to confirm if it matches your expectations. 

A sizable portfolio

The best fit for a full-service inbound digital marketing agency has worked and delivered for various companies. That explains why most leading marketing agencies proudly display the clients they have worked with on their websites. 

Look for the various clients the agency has partnered with and their results to establish their competence. If you can’t find any previous clients, then there’s the chance that they haven’t worked with anyone else before. You can still proceed to work with such an inbound marketing agency if you are on a budget. However, if you are after the best results, then experience matters. 

The more clients an agency works with, the more issues they encounter and have to find solutions to. By partnering with an experienced entity, you understand they can always find the best strategies depending on your goals. They have also established a working digital marketing agency marketing plan with assured results. 

Social proof and industry reputation 

While working with other businesses before is a plus for a digital marketing agency for small businesses, you also need to understand what it means to work with them. For this reason, you must look for social proof like previous client reviews and testimonials. 

Most marketers with outstanding results are happy to display social proof on their websites. Therefore, if you struggle to find any, they are either yet to deliver any noteworthy results or are not well conversant with the industry. 

The reviews help establish the strong and weak areas of the agency, hence a more precise picture to decide if they are a perfect fit for you. 

Choosing the full-service digital marketing and advertising agency

Understanding what to look for in a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency is the start of your hiring process. The next step is to find the company that meets your needs.

Start by understanding your business goals, needs, and budget. The information will help you develop a profile of the ideal agency to partner with. You can then look for the best digital marketing agencies near you. Most agencies tend to specialise in some areas than others. For example, if you are in Melbourne, you need a b2b marketing agency specialising in Melbourne and the surrounding environs’. The same applies to when in Sydney or Brisbane; there’s always the perfect fit based on locality. 

Find a b2b digital marketing agency that promises a good working relationship, seamless collaboration, and results. Take time to evaluate all the agencies within your reach until you have the one that matches all your requirements. 

The barriers to getting into marketing and advertising are some of the lowest. This means several agencies are in the market, each promising top results. That is why you have to take your time if you are after finding the perfect fit.

If you are ready to engage with a full-service digital marketing & advertising agency, speak to our experts here at Digital Presence, send us an inquiry or call us on 1300 867 726.


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