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How To Grow Your Construction Business With Digital Marketing

Construction business owners are increasingly putting more time into maintaining a successful digital marketing strategy. 

The digital era is well and truly upon us. It is no longer just a choice for you to have a website for your business if you have plans to develop and grow. An online presence is necessary for business sustainability, no matter the industry. 


Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC or Google Ads is a modernised and effective method of advertising, that provides powerful targeting tools for construction companies to reach their ideal audience. Google Ads enables any company to run ads that will appear in search results when the phrase that is entered aligns with the selected keywords of the campaign.

Dependent on the advertiser’s budget, the campaign will cost the selected amount. This means costs are controlled and may also be allocated to cover peak times. For example, a roofing business may reach its most busy times whilst there are heavy rains.

When running a PPC campaign, the business can choose to increase spend on these rainy days so more customers are targeted. Ad targeting through Google Ads is therefore very important and should be done with precision based on location, language, and keywords.


Optimised Site Navigation

PPC and all other online advertising efforts will be directing consumers to your business’s website. Therefore it is imperative that your website optimised correctly to convert visitors into loyal customers. You want those who first visit your site or web page to be interested to learn more, engage or continue browsing.

The first step to optimise your site correctly is to have an aesthetically appealing web design. An overload of images or jumbles of text spread across a page, will reflect on your business and even impact the level of trust a visitor will have in your expertise.

Imagine you need to have your toilet fixed and are browsing on Google for a trustworthy plumber. You stumble upon two choices who both operate in your local area. One business has their website professionally made, with their services, estimate price list, and contact details all clearly displayed. Whereas, the other is a confusion of pages with a hard to read font and no contact information in sight. Who would you choose?


Content Marketing

Another method to grow your trade business and instill trust in consumers is content marketing. This digital marketing strategy involves promoting your brand and expertise through blogs, articles, photos, videos, and any other form of content that can be shared across media.

Content marketing can achieve a range of different aims but is normally educational and/or informative of business practices. It’s a great way to connect with consumers and showcase your skills before they even engage with your services.

New home builders may be very wary and unsure about which construction business they should choose to build their dream house. When scrolling through the internet and they happen to land on your business, be sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether it be informational tips shared in a blog-style format or photos of the amazing property design your team has completed, be sure to post this on your website and social media.


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