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How to Write an SEO Friendly Article


An “SEO-friendly” article is one based on longevity, creativity and value-add from which you will reap the benefits of increased traffic, a greater digital presence and visits to your site from relevant visitors and potential customers.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process by which traffic to your site is increased through organic search results.  For many, SEO falls within the realm of “the inner workings” of Google, however, there is a strong correlation between well-crafted SEO strategies that Google rewards and the basic tenets of human interaction.

An SEO strategy is more than just content creation and flooding a website with optimal keywords.  Google is the omnipotent matriarch of the internet and a fickle ruler of all things SEO that seemingly governs from a black box of incomprehensible algorithms, data processing and binary logic.  Although the inner workings and ‘magic’ of ‘behind-the-scenes’ Google is largely unknown, Google does abide by the basic tenet of human interaction by placing great value on the dissemination of valuable information; this is where content strategy comes in.

Characteristics of an Article that Google Rewards

  1. Readability

Creating online content is important but it’s content that is readable, informative and that customers find valuable that will be rewarded by Google.  And, it’s not just the content that needs to be easily digestible, the layout should appeal to your readers too.  Headings and subheadings are an effective way of breaking down information into useful chunks, not only making it easier to read but also affording you the opportunity to increase the ranking of your keywords by placing them in these headings and subheadings.

  1. Valuable Content

A major part of your business depends on the sale of your products or services.  But, as in the real world, people are easily put off by content created exclusively for the purpose of closing a sale!  An effective SEO strategy will be one that produces content that balances opportunities for selling with opportunities to provide useful and relatable information, making you the go-to business for anything within your niche.  By all means tell readers about your products and services, but also tell them what makes your business unique, interesting and personable. 

  1. Words matter

The value of content cannot be underestimated and whereas Google does not place as much value on pictures as it does words, there is still a place for pictures in a well-crafted SEO strategy.  Content can be greatly enhanced by well-placed and well-chosen pictures which improves readability of the content and the aesthetics of the page.  To increase the SEO value of your pictures in a way that will be rewarded by Google, use keyword-rich meta descriptions and alt tags on all pictures used on your site.  Google will reward this attention to SEO detail which will, in turn, increase organic traffic to your site.

It’s a worthwhile endeavour to spend time and energy crafting quality content for your site that your target audience will find engaging, valuable and, perhaps even entertaining.  Google will reward your efforts if you endeavour to curry favour with your target audience through valuable content that aims to forge genuine connections with people at the other end of your site.

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