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Digital Expertise is a Must for Digital Marketing

Faster, better, smarter!  That’s technology’s contribution to our modern world.  Traditional marketing has been overhauled with the introduction of staged platforms where businesses can engage directly with their customers in real time, where information travels faster than ever before, where decisions are made by clicking a button and where brand loyalties can switch based on ever-changing trends and sentiment.

Marketing has been re-designed to appeal to a hyper-targeted audience based on data mined and analysed from online profiles, key-word searches and unambiguous algorithms, to become an exciting, fast-paced and vibey world we know as digital marketing.  If digital marketing is the vehicle that delivers your business’s marketing message, then digital (IT) expertise is the driver ensuring that the right message reaches the right customer at the right time.  Digital marketing and digital expertise are inextricably intertwined in all successful digital marketing strategies.  By using the most effective and efficient digital tools and digital expertise, your strategy has the potential to build and grow your business and your bottom line. The very nature of digital marketing, backed by expertise, affords businesses the opportunity to analyse the efficacy of their marketing campaigns by reviewing available data and using this information to tweak future campaigns for better results, reach and returns.

As ‘digital’ grows and develops, businesses need to take advantage of the huge benefits of digital marketing to ensure that all opportunities, like social networking, blogging, and mobile, are exploited and adequately interwoven into the business’s overall strategy.  This will be based on a range of measurable actions to help your business achieve pre-defined marketing goals that are aligned to the business’s overall development goals.  Much of a digital marketing campaign can be automated, but it takes the IT expert at the helm of the strategy to keep the content relevant, fresh and appealing.

With the right combination of marketing prowess and technical know-how, the digital marketer can translate the marketing components of a business strategy into a digital marketing strategy that yields results through a combination of digital tools and digital expertise.  This makes it possible to establish alternative strategies based on market trends and to adapt and analyse data based on multi-media campaigns.

What are some of the benefits digital experts bring to the marketing world:

  1. Digital experts can bridge the gap between traditional businesses and new and innovative marketing strategies;
  2. Being a digital expert is more than a part-time endeavour. It is an immersive and constantly changing field based on current trends, news and events;
  3. Digital experts can help to demystify the digital elements within your marketing strategy, including how online trends are changing, to inform a working digital marketing strategy that yields results and continues to yield results.

Digital marketing is more than just marketing; it’s a combined discipline of marketing and technical expertise.  It requires a collaborative effort between marketing knowledge, technical and analytical skills, and the ability to interpret data and spot trends to implement a successful digital marketing campaign.

Learn how collaboration between your in-house marketing team and Digital Presence can help you develop an online marketing strategy that will revolutionise your marketing power and your bottom line by contacting us today!

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