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On Rejuvenating Your Digital Marketing

The key to your business’s resilience and success at this time is rejuvenation.

The COVID-pandemic has wreaked havoc this year and 2020 will certainly go down in the annals of history; social distancing, isolation, closed borders, economic uncertainty, and pivoting business strategies. You can take back control of your business though – start with a plan to rejuvenate your digital marketing.

COVID has come and stomped its big, messy boots all over this year’s business and marketing strategies but, in the wake of everything re-opening, there is opportunity. More consumers than ever have become accustomed to doing more and more things online: buying, interacting, connecting, and sourcing products and services. A re-allocation of budgets can serve your business well – by reviewing and rejuvenating your digital presence you can leverage this heightened online activity, stay ahead of the competition and reach a whole new level of potential customers.

Here are a few simple tips to get you started on rejuvenating your digital marketing:

Your website

Carry out a user-experience review of your website. This is your business’s online ‘business card’ after all and it should be current, relevant and visually appealing. Give your website a fresh new look by updating homepage images and headlines and give your customers a whole new reason to reconnect.

Your social media

The unprecedented, almost-complete ban of all personal contact, including live events, trade-shows, and conferences, has increased the barrier to conducting face-to-face business. This posed a huge challenge for many businesses who turned to social media to stay connected with their customers. If you have decided to freshen up the look of your website, don’t forget to update your social media covers to reflect the fresher looking website. Stay ahead of the competition by boosting your brand visibility now and get people excited.

Your Google My Business (GMB)

Now is a good time to update your Google My Business listing and do some personal branding. Any simple update to your listing will share that updated information, support local SEO, and improve discoverability. Plus, you can easily synchronise your GMB listings with Bing Places. Bing Places can offer a few additional advantages that will certainly be worth your while, including increasing your organic web traffic and the fact that the competition on Bing Places is much lower compared to Google.

Rejuvenating your digital marketing strategy and using innovative techniques to connect with customers will certainly boost brand visibility and help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Get started on your digital presence today by using our versatile marketing techniques that will improve business growth, build brand trust and reputation, and leverage competitor research. Contact us today!

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