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The Impact of Fake News on Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is about connecting brands with customers, sharing valuable and reliable information and presenting your business ethos to the world through your products and services.

A well-developed, and thoughtful digital marketing strategy utilises a multi-pronged approach to engage customers in the forums and platforms where they are likely to be.  This strategy engages customers on a personal level whilst disseminating your message from a place of trust and relationship-building.

Digital marketing is corruptible, and it is being exploited in unethical and, in some instances, fraudulent ways.  Disreputable marketing tactics are being used to create and spread fake news to emotionally manipulate an audience into taking specific actions, however, these tactics can have far-reaching and detrimental consequences to a business’s reputation.  As good as online exposure is in promoting the right message, the back-lash from an ill-conceived, fake or otherwise unpopular message can earn a business the vitriolic response of a large audience and, as is the norm, bad news travels faster and further than good.

As a business looking to promote your message, ethos, services and products to a wider audience, it’s best not to fall foul of the allure of instant results and returns that unscrupulous methods may promise.  The short-term gains are not worth the long-term consequences of the potential damage to your brand’s reputation.  Ethical digital marketing does not use fake news, fake results or black hat practices that keep marketing methodologies and results a secret.  Your digital presence should be built on transparency and tangible results that have been derived from a well-constructed digital marketing strategy.

If you’re looking to improve your digital presence, consider partnering up with a digital marketing agency whose ethics and ethos mirror your own.  An ethical agency will help you to develop online campaigns that are aimed at creating a positive experience for your audience.

5 Ways to deliver your message to a responsive audience in an ethical manner

  1. Be transparent

Be open and honest and ensure that you’ve done the necessary research to protect against any inaccuracies, inconsistencies or falsehoods.  Transparency builds trust and promotes engagement.

  1. Know your audience

Knowing your audience will enable you to deliver appealing and relevant messages that will drive engagement and build relationships.

  1. Think carefully about your message and be sensitive to your audience

The internet is full of false, unverified information.  It’s important that any claims you make or statements you claim as fact are verified to avoid distributing false statements that could negatively impact on your business’s reputation.

  1. Avoid bias and controversy

Your marketing strategy should promote your business in a way that reflects positively on your business and what you have on offer.  When promoting your brand it’s best to steer clear of any negative or controversial topics.  Even a minor mistake on topics such as politics, religion or cultural bias, for example, can be detrimental to your business.

  1. Know your truth

Your message should be clear and honest whilst being valuable, reliable and relevant to your target audience.  Do not create and spread information that is intended to manipulate, deceive or exploit.  Build relationships, encourage engagement and treat your audience with respect.

What your business needs is a dynamic, results-driven agency that is ethical and trustworthy and will make a positive contribution to your business and your digital presence.

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