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Untapped Potential: What The Franchise Industry Is Leaving On The Table

Untapped Potential: What The Franchise Industry Is Leaving On The Table.

Certain Success or Failure for Franchisors

Many of today’s highest-potential franchises are still exhibiting crippling digital marketing behaviour. Even in Australia, a world leader in the franchise industry, professionals continue to ignore the reality that to survive tomorrow they must evolve now. Can SEO determine commercial success or failure? 2018 marks yet another crucial decision point for franchise businesses when it comes to their marketing efforts.

The High Cost of Ambiguity

Lack of control and understanding are at the heart of why many franchise businesses hesitate to reach their online marketing potential. There’s a common misconception that SEO strategy isn’t relevant for franchise businesses. There are often disagreements amongst management on how to represent the brand to potential customers, right down to specific words used on websites. What’s missing is an understanding of SEO and how it factors into achieving collective objectives. Online marketing results would improve drastically if everyone could agree to take a few simple steps to make tangible SEO improvements that drive real business returns.

Powerful Navigation

Once franchisors and franchisees have agreed on their shared destination, they need to employ a high-performing SEO strategy. Like any good driver knows, having a functioning GPS allows you to perform at your best. Digital Presence offers SEO service tailored to the needs of franchisors and franchisees. We will help you to build recognition while protecting your brand online through on-page and off-page optimization, with reporting you can rely on.

Make a Sharp U-Turn

As they say in business, keep it simple. Don’t kiss your money goodbye unless your online marketing solutions provide measurable ROI. Understanding the difference between paid advertising and SEO means you can avoid paying for costly subscriptions or franchise directory listings, only to be lost in a sea of hundreds of other unrelated companies.

Franchisor SEO Services

Build brand recognition by ranking higher. We analyse your franchise website, top to bottom, to form appropriate keyword targets and content strategies. Strategic link building is also helpful if you want to build trust with search engine robots. Our dashboard’s easy-to-understand reports allow franchisors to understand the methods we’re using and gauge impact on an ongoing basis.

Franchisee SEO Services

Stand out from the competition locally. It has never been more important to employ a custom strategy for individual franchise locations. Based on your specific service area and target audience, Digital Presence supplies a link building strategy that incorporates hyperlocal resources. Our franchisee reports are updated daily so you can see exactly how your web pages are performing in search engines.

Franchise Development SEO Services

Target the right individuals. In order to grow your franchise concept, you need to make sales by reaching out to warm prospects. Our on- and off-page optimization allows search engines to understand your site and provides you with a custom link building strategy featuring targeted outreach, authoritative industry resources and effective content marketing. Access daily updates to keyword rankings and website traffic metrics from your client dashboard.

Seize The Opportunity For Change

For franchisors and franchisees, SEO can represent an area of conflict or common ground. Hiring the right SEO vendor will enhance the experience and increase the likelihood that both will meet their most important objective: being found by target customers.
Don’t get left behind online.

Give Digital Presence a call today on 1300 867 726 and one of our team members will be happy to talk you through the best SEO possibilities available for your franchise business.

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