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3 Easy Steps to Building a Strong Brand Presence

By focusing on just three areas of your business, you can start building a strong brand presence today!

Your brand is your business’s calling card;  it represents who you are, what you stand for, and what you have to offer.  Although your brand is intangible it is an intricate part of your business’s success – it conjures up feelings of pride amongst your employees, it’s what your customers feel when they see your logo; it’s the spirit of what your business represents.  Your brand is the essence that defines your business’s internal qualities and reflects this as its external persona on which relationships are founded, and the business’s reputation is built.

Developing and growing a business brand in today’s tech-fueled world requires creativity and the ability to promote your business’s strengths.  By focusing on just three specific areas of your business, you can begin the journey of creating a strong brand presence that opens your business up to new customers whilst still appealing to existing ones.  To strengthen your brand presence, focus on:  

  1. Nurturing emotional connections with your customers;
  2. Consistency in your business branding;
  3. Your employees – they are your greatest asset, let them also be your brand’s biggest advocate.

Nurturing Emotional Connections with your Customers: 

Businesses are built on relationships, and emotional connections are a key component of this.  Developing a branding strategy that focuses on these emotional connections will ensure that your business grows a base of loyal customers over the long term.  Buying impulses and buying choices are largely driven by emotions, and the more relatable your brand is to your customers, the more emotionally invested they will be in your brand.  By involving and engaging your customers, you not only make them feel like part of something important, but you make them feel important too.  

Consistency in your Business Branding:

Brand strategies need to be designed for consistency and longevity, but they also need to be flexible to remain relevant.  This may seem like a contradiction, consistency and flexibility; however, brands must continue to represent the ethos and internal qualities of what the business stands whilst developing and spreading a message that can keep up with the changing times, sentiments and buying habits in order to stay relevant.  The consistency of your business’s voice across all communications and customer interactions will ensure that you can build a solid, reliable and relatable brand in a fickle world dominated by morphing technology.  

Your employees –your greatest asset and your brand’s biggest advocate:

Employees are invaluable assets for any business, and they can also be your brand’s biggest advocate.  Developing a branding strategy that seemingly has all the ‘bells and whistles’ is no longer enough to set your business apart from the competition.  As the saying goes: “The proof is in the pudding” and what better proof that your business’s ethos is genuine and reliable than happy employees? A social army made up of happy employees can harness the power of social media and promote your business, reinforce your culture, ethos and values, and strengthen your brand.  

Building a strong and recognisable brand has the potential of growing a loyal customer base and setting you apart from the competition.  By focusing on these three simple, yet key areas, you will not only have a brand that resonates with your customers and instills pride in your employees, but you’ll also be strengthening your brand and increasing brand awareness. 

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