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Google’s New Feature Could be a Major Boost for Your Business

Google has added a new feature that could be very beneficial for local businesses – and not too many people know about it yet.


Google has introduced a new feature which is now available for Google My Business (’GMB’) listings.  Any business that has opted in to the GMB messaging feature will be eligible to have a “Request to Quote” button added to their listing in any search results.


One of the more challenging aspects within a business’s marketing strategy is getting customers to contact your company.  This new ‘Request a Quote’ feature can help minimise this challenge by making it easier for customers to contact service providers located within their locale, helping local businesses generate local leads.  This feature, combined with specific and targeted local Search Engine Optimisation, will be an incredibly powerful way for local businesses to extend their presence and client-base online by promoting their products and services to local customers in real time.


Is this new Google feature right for your business?  Let’s review:

  1. Who is it for?
  • Trades businesses like electricians, plumbers, builders, landscapers;
  • Professional services, including lawyers, architects, accountants, financial advisors;
  • Digital Specialists, including web designers, SEO specialists, digital marketing agencies.


  1. What are the Benefits:
  • Generates local leads: It enables businesses to generate local leads based on location;
  • Better engagement: It connects searching customers with businesses offering a very specific service, and it offers customers the opportunity to request a quote directly through the feature – your business can respond immediately to any queries received;
  • Beat the competition: This feature is not yet a wide-spread phenomenon and would certainly place you ahead of your local competitors.


  1. Why Your Business Should take Advantage of this Feature:
  • It’s an effective way for businesses to extend their online presence and engage directly with potential customers;
  • This feature will increase the number of leads generated from local online searches and your online conversion rate;
  • You will be able to engage directly with customers who are looking for your services in your geographical area;
  • This is not yet a widely known feature – you can get in ahead of your competition;
  • This new button allows searchers to request quotes directly from within the Google search function. Any messages received from potential customers can be reviewed and responded to directly from GMB, which is also available as an app, therefore, available on-the-go.


Digital Presence is a digital marketing agency specialising in all things SEO, including local SEO.  An effective digital marketing strategy can increase your online presence, extend brand awareness, and generate credible leads.  So, if you’re thinking of taking advantage of this new Google feature or just want to find out how your business could benefit from an increased digital presence, please get in touch.  We’re happy to help!

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