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3 Simple SEO Tips to Optimise your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has emerged from the dull cloud of desperate job seekers, spammy salespeople and over-zealous managers to become a formidable platform for growing your network, making professional connections, and finding new customers.

If you have an incomplete or mundane LinkedIn profile with arbitrary connections and little to no content, follow our three simple SEO tricks to optimise your profile, boost your appeal and unleash the potential that a platform like LinkedIn has to offer.  These SEO tips will ensure that you engage with the right networks, find your niche and expose you and your business to more purposeful and meaningful connections, content and customers.  

By updating and optimising your LinkedIn profile, you’ll be in a better position to showcase your skills, your business’s offering and place you squarely in front of your ideal customer.  Step-up your business strategy game today by following our simple three-pronged approach to optimising your LinkedIn profile:  

Understand Your LinkedIn Analytics:

LinkedIn analytics provide sufficient useful information to enable you to assess the effectiveness of any changes or additions made to your profile. The analytics include number of profile searches, how many people have engaged with your content and conversion rates.  Review these statistics regularly to assess what’s working and what isn’t and then tweak your profile and information accordingly.

Build Smart Connections:

Unlike many other social media platforms, LinkedIn offers more value if you seek out quality connections as opposed to quantity.  As a professional platform, LinkedIn holds more gravitas for you and your business if you engage with people who add value to what you do or to whom you can offer value to.  Randomly connecting with people to ‘increase your network’ does not enhance your profile or increase your marketability.  Making smart connections on LinkedIn can substantially improve the merit and quality of your profile. 

Copywrite to connect:

Although this article delves into the mechanics of optimising your LinkedIn profile, you should not lose sight of the fact that it is a social media site.  It’s a platform where people can engage and connect with others, share information and feel like part of a community.   

As a social arena, it’s important to share and create content that serves to communicate, connect and engage with others by offering your readers value; solve a problem, ask for advice or show off your expertise in your chosen field.  

By creating and sharing valuable content, you are encouraging people to engage with your profile.  Make the most of these engagements and make it easier for people to connect with you by funnelling them down your page, from the cover photo and headline and, ultimately, to your inbox.  Copywriting is the ideal way to convince visitors to reach out to you directly; make it even simpler for them to get in touch by including a clear call to action.  

An optimised LinkedIn profile can generate high volume traffic that converts.  Spend time optimising your LinkedIn profile following these three simple SEO steps and transform your profile from a static holding page into a vibrant active social area that adds value to your business and enhances your professional profile. 

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