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6 Top AI Tools to Assist with SEO

AI is the future of SEO, and businesses can now leverage the best AI SEO solutions to help them reach their objectives.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a tactic used by organisations and websites to rank higher on search engines. AI is increasingly becoming a go-to technology for SEO practices in today’s digital world.

SEO is about more than just optimising your website for search engines. It also entails analysing your material and determining its relevance to the target audience. However, this is a time-consuming operation that can be difficult to conduct manually at times.

This is where artificial intelligence SEO tools come into play. They automate the content analysis process and provide insight into how well your material is performing. It enables you to make appropriate adjustments and boost your search ranks accordingly.

What Is An AI SEO Tool?

An AI SEO tool is a piece of software that assists you in optimising your website’s content for search engines. It’s an automatic SEO solution that allows you to focus on other elements of your business rather than optimising your content. 

Through artificial intelligence, an AI SEO platform may assist you with tasks such as keyword research, SEO optimisation for search engines, internal linking, and content generation.

The top AI SEO tools can analyse your website’s content and identify what it needs to do to rank higher on Google. Based on their data, they also make recommendations for how you might enhance your rankings.

One of the most important components of SEO automation is discovering untapped hidden ranking opportunities.

For example, if one of your niche’s keywords has a high search volume but low competition, an AI SEO tool would advise you how many times you should use it on each page of your site and even recommend phrases or sentences where it would fit nicely into the text.

Assume an AI programme determines that certain pages are underperforming in Google yet contain useful information. In that situation, it can recommend strategies to SEO-optimise certain pages in order to increase search engine traffic and turn users into buyers more frequently.

Let’s look into these top AI SEO software solutions that will accelerate your productivity and provide you confidence that your content will rank on Google.

  1. NeuronWriter
  2. Surfer SEO
  3. Scalenut
  4. Outranking
  5. INK Suite
  6. Frase


NeuronWriter is a great content optimisation tool for writers that allows you to optimise your blog posts or articles for search engines. Its ability to generate AI-written content is one of its strong aspects.

You can acquire statistics on Google SERPs, natural language processing (NLP), and competitive insights for your desired keyword through its dashboard.

You can use it to find articles on your topic and simple instructions on how to generate the material you want. It also looks at highly rated content or Google SERPs from competitors, which increases your capacity to reply to user queries.

Using the software’s content repository, you may build priorities based on group, tag, and market trend assessments, and you can rapidly share the information with other copywriters. When you’re finished altering your data, you may mark it as finished by utilising custom columns and filters, and then run export analyses for basic reporting.

Key Features

AI Writer
It includes an easy-to-use AI writing tool that assists you with content development.

Competitor Analysis 
The software analyses the competition’s successful content to see what drives rankings and how many hits each piece of content receives. You can increase knowledge and reply to user questions because it aggregates information from the leading search engine optimisation websites.

Document Management 
A content repository makes it easy to organise and prioritise tasks.

Custom Columns 
This allows you to export metrics for easy reporting.

Internal Linking
You can build up internal linking to maximise the potential of new articles by using NeuronWriter’s recommendations for relevant sites in a specific domain.

Content Planner
Use this option to create a rough outline of your writing.

Document Draughts
You can use the software to construct a document draught that includes popular subjects and questions.

NeuronWriter is integrated with Google Search Console, allowing you to track the effectiveness of your material.

Language Flexibility
Support for nearly 170 languages is provided by NeuronWriter.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO was founded in 2017 to help content teams grow their brands, organic traffic, and revenue. It is a platform for content intelligence that combines content planning, creation, and optimisation into a single process.

Surfers’ mission is to assist everyone in providing the best, most relevant material possible and to raise the Internet’s standard. They believe that user satisfaction and marketing outcomes are inextricably linked and that neither should be compromised.

Surfer is used by thousands of content, SEO, and marketing professionals to accelerate their digital marketing. With Surfer’s powerful algorithms, you can quickly find the best content opportunities, plan your content strategy for the following months, and produce attractive pages with data-driven information.

Surfer AI, like other of the top Surfer AI rivals, will now automatically write a highly SEO-optimized content in around 20 minutes based just on your input keyword.

A visual indication that displays a score between 1 and 100, with a larger number indicating a higher possibility of ranking above your competitors’ websites, allows you to immediately assess how well your material will do.

Surfer SEO analyses your competition and makes recommendations on how to improve your SEO once you enter a few details about your website and target keywords.

Surfer SEO software can then track your progress and ensure you’re on pace to meet your goals.

Key Features

Content Creator 
Take charge of your niche by producing relevant, high-quality content. You can use Content Planner to group thousands of search phrases into categories that you can then target with a single piece of content.

Article Outline Maker
Get AI-optimized material with unique paragraphs that are appropriately arranged under the appropriate headings and that you can personalise to meet your tone and voice. Then, to save time and work, copy and paste it into your article.

Content Editor
The AI algorithm in Surfer’s SEO text editor analyses the relevance of each word on your competitors’ pages. Then it gives you the most accurate and competitive rules to help you optimise content for Google. You can also conduct a multi-keyword analysis to improve the likelihood of getting more organic traffic.

Auditing Software
Surfer’s SEO Audit function provides comments on your website so you can determine what to adjust and tweak to increase search traffic. An SEO audit provides data on content length, page speed, missing backlinks, meta tag structure, keyword density, natural language processing (NLP) coverage, and other factors.

Flow Grow
Get customised advise and instructions on how to make the most of your SEO efforts by utilising content, keywords, and internal links. Surfer SEO will give tasks and insights to assist you improve your Google rankings after you connect your Google Search Console account.

AI Surfer
You may generate full articles and blog entries that are already optimised for higher ranks with the touch of a button.

Effective Integrations
Surfer SEO works in tandem with third-party applications such as the Jasper AI assistant, Google Docs, WordPress, and Chrome.


Scalenut is an AI-powered content production platform that assists authors in producing higher-quality content more quickly. Scalenut AI can grasp the context of your articles and give ideas for how to improve them using natural language processing and machine learning. This means spending less time editing and more time creating high-quality material.

The platform provides artificial intelligence-powered copywriting solutions, whether you want to produce articles from start or SEO-optimise fresh and current ones for higher ranks.

You can easily generate content for websites, social media posts, ads, blogs, and video descriptions using over 40 AI templates and strong marketing frameworks like AIDA.

Scalenut also provides free access to Semrush Keyword Researcher and Cluster Booster to assist you in finding the ideal keywords and developing a more effective content strategy.

Key Features

Copywriter using AI
Create short and long-form material for a variety of media.

Improve your SEO approach to optimise your blog entries and articles for higher ranks.

Description of Content
View the top 30 rivals’ content and analyse it using various criteria such as word counts, readability ratings, photos used, and other relevant data.

Cruise Mode
Scalenut’s blog post generator can help you streamline your entire content development process. It assists you with everything from selecting a title to drafting the entire piece.

Topic Groups
Scalenut can help you find the keyword pillars that will serve as the cornerstone of your content strategy, and the AI writing tool can help you design each piece thoughtfully.

Chrome Add-on
Utilise Scalenut’s capability when browsing the web or any social media platform, and let the AI tool create your social posts.


Outranking is an all-in-one AI SEO solution that aids your content creation process by giving SEO authoring, optimisation, and strategy capabilities to help you rank at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Outranking provides everything you need to develop high-ROI content, including data analysis, content authoring, on-page SEO optimisation, tracking tools, and sophisticated integrations.

The AI SEO tool gives simple guided instructions for creating long-form content for a variety of web writing use cases. Blog entries, articles, press releases, webinar pages, restaurant menus, eCommerce pages, and other types of long-form content are examples.

Its cutting-edge content engine supports you in producing factually correct first-draft content for any keyword, topic, or niche. Outranking also includes hundreds of automated content generation and SEO software tool upgrades for writing copy that will keep customers engaged for hours.

After you’ve identified your keywords, you can utilise AI to help you decide what kind of content to create.

Key Features

Briefs on SEO Content

To create content briefs quickly, use SERP analysis and AI-powered content writing support. Create templates quickly for any sophisticated layout or formatting of a brief.

Content Strategy for SEO
You can generate topic clusters with AI predictions based on data-driven knowledge from certain topics using NLP and prioritisation automation. Keyword clustering results in a more effective silo structure and internal connecting strategy.

Blog Post Creator
You may AI-generate a nearly full blog article that mimics human writing by supplying Outranking with a title or an outline obtained from ranking pages.

Prioritisation of Content Strategy
Automatically prioritise your efforts and the keywords you should target to save your ad budget and improve qualified visitors.

Briefs on Rank Optimisation
Improve the SEO of current pages without changing their content, and create distinct briefs for the content and web teams. Anchors, internal links, and simple optimisation concepts can also be used.

SEO Rating
Using more than 40 on-page SEO optimisation elements, you can outrank the competition. It is the most precise approach of assessing the relevance of your content to all critical on-page technical SEO parameters, from content depth to title.

Through a WordPress plugin, Outranking connects with Google Docs, Grammarly, Google Search Console, and WordPress.

INK Suite

INK Suite is one of the greatest all-in-one AI SEO tools for creating highly optimised content for search engines. It combines an AI writing assistant with AI-powered SEO tools.

You can also use the distraction-free text editor to simplify, enlarge, or rework any statement you create. INK’s co-writing capabilities, thanks to GPT-3, can produce prose on par with that of a human writer. Furthermore, it generates text that is invisible to AI content recognition systems.

The INK Suite includes all of INK’s core products:

  • AI Writer
  • SEO Optimiser
  • Copy Assistant
  • Content Planner

While you can buy them separately, the Suite version is a huge money saver because it’s an all-in-one word processor built to boost your SEO.

Simply enter your desired keyword, and INK will optimise it as you go. It will also recommend comparable search terms for you to include in your article and provide you a score depending on how probable it is that your post will appear in Google’s top ten results. It looks for proper keyword usage and is aware of any relevant terms you should include to rank higher on search engines.

INK AI Writer is the only AI writing tool that includes Natural Language Optimisation (NLO), which is powered by the company’s unique AI technology (INK_AI). This SEO optimisation tool is based on user intent, competitive analysis, search engine algorithm, and real-time feedback from the user.

Key Features

AI Author
You can boost your writing speed by 10x in a distraction-free atmosphere for both short and long content forms. It also features over 120 tools to assist you in creating better copy for your business, email list, blog, landing sites, and other purposes.

Optimiser for SEO
This feature contains the INK SEO score, which ranks your content based on its potential for appearing in Google’s SERPs. It also suggests semantic keywords linked to your target keywords to assist you optimise your post for search engines. INK employs Emotional Intelligence to offer recommendations that increase CTR.

Copy Assistant
An all-in-one AI copy assistant that corrects grammar and punctuation, allows you to rewrite text an unlimited number of times, provides suggestions, expands and shortens your material, checks for plagiarism, and allows you to to choose the right tone of voice for your content.

Content Creator
The Content Planner helps you design a high-performing content plan by analysing search intent and grouping terms into clusters. It will help you organise relevant keywords to write about and limit the quantity of duplicate content on your site.

AI Content Shield ensures that AI-generated content is not detected by AI content detectors.

INK connects with WordPress and provides a Google Chrome plugin to assist you with your workflow.


The Frase AI tool allows you to conduct research, generate content, and optimise it all in one spot.

Frase, like Surfer SEO, focuses on writing rather than editing. It contains an AI writing assistance that is more thorough and intelligent than Surfer SEO’s AI writer, in addition to various short-form templates.

The software inside Frase’s document editor evaluates the top 20 Google results for the search query you gave, giving you a content score ranging from 0% to 100%. It also retrieves relevant and related keywords that your competitors are targeting in their articles, allowing you to include them in your own.

Frase provides the outline and headings of the top 20 Google results for the keyword you’re searching for. Because you are aware of your competitors’ subjects, you leave no stone untouched.

In addition, Frase’s text editor assigns you a mark based on how well your content covers a topic. It shows you which topics and keywords are lacking and gives you immediate feedback as you fill in the blanks.

Frase’s AI article generator may help you create entire blog articles, article summaries, and outlines.

Here’s how Frase AI SEO tool works:

  1. Examine your search rivals.
  2. Check out what your competitors are writing about at a glance.
  3. Explore overview or go deeper by focusing on specifics such as headlines, questions, and external connections.
  4. With a simple click, you may add research to a content brief or outline it.
  5. Use Frase’s AI content writer to complete a draught 8x faster.
  6. Choose from a plethora of AI-powered tools that will generate unique, long-form material at the push of a button or will automatically expand or rewrite what you currently have.
  7. Optimise your draught so that it ranks high right away.

Key Features

Content Editor
Frase’s SEO text editor employs artificial intelligence to assess the weight of each word on the pages of your competitors. Then it provides you with the most detailed, competitive recommendations for making your content stand out.

SEO Resources
Frase’s SEO capabilities include Google Search Console integration to help you uncover content flaws, an outline builder based on Google’s People Also Ask and Quora, a Wikipedia Concept Map, and a Topic Planner that generates a list of long-tail keywords based on SERP analysis.

40+ Templates for Short Forms
Frase can AI-generate over 40 different forms of short-form content, such as SEO meta descriptions, title ideas, outlines, bullet point to responses, product descriptions, pros and disadvantages, AIDA and PAS marketing frameworks, slogans, and much more. Tools for Rewriting and Shortening You can use Frase’s AI software to rewrite paragraphs or sentences and summarise lengthy papers into concise words. Templates that are unique Frase allows you to develop your own templates. Hundreds of AI tools built by the Frase community are available.

Support for Several Languages 
Frase content optimisation is available in the following languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Danish. 

Frase connects with Google Search Console and Google Docs for better content planning and workflow speed, and offers a WordPress plugin to help you optimise your content within the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

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