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Does Website Content Really Affect SEO Rankings?

SEO forms the basis of your digital marketing strategy, which is why all business should invest in developing a strong SEO strategy. However, there are many aspects of your digital presence that will affect the effectiveness of your search engine optimisation.


One of these is your website content.


Your website content plays a key role in not only delivering your keys messages to your audience but also helping search engines rank your website. Therefore ensuring your website content is of the highest quality should be your number one priority.

Google Knows Quality Website Content

Google’s algorithm has changed drastically over the years to ensure the content on websites is high quality.


As technology has improved, so too has the algorithm. In 2011, when Google released the Panda algorithm update, it significantly changed the way it judged website content. Machine learning was introduced to judge website content quality, which resulted in a change of around 20% of Google website rankings.


The content on your website does affect your SEO ranking. Google has some very specific guidelines as to the quality of your website’s content and if it doesn’t follow these guidelines, then your website won’t rank highly. When creating content for your website, create content for the user, not for a search engine. This will help you create better content, and in turn, rank better. It is also important that your website stands out from others in your industry.


The main purpose of Google and other search engines is to answer questions. Behind every search on a search engine, there is intent to find the answer to a specific question, to solve their problem. If your content cannot answer that question, then Google and other search engines deem that content not good enough for the user and rank it lower.

High Quality Content is Not a Cliche

While you have probably been told a million times that you need to create good content for your website, it is sound advice. Creating content that fulfils a searcher’s needs will help your chances of ranking in that coveted number one position.


The next time you go to write anything for your website content, whether its a blog post, how to guide, or even your ‘About Us’ page, ask yourself:


“Does this solve my clients’ problem?”


If the answer is yes, then post away because that content will help you rank higher. However, if the answer is no, or you are unsure, then you should consider rewriting it.


If you are unsure what problems your clients are facing, ask them. There are several ways you could do this, including:

  • In-store surveys
  • Online surveys
  • Keyword research


Or if you feel comfortable enough talking to your customers, you could simply ask them what problems they are facing that you can help them solve. This will help you produce better website content that will benefit your customers and help your search engine optimisation efforts.


If you need a bit of extra help creating high-quality website content that will improve your SEO rankings and engage with your users, talk to the expert team at Digital Presence, we can help get your website content on the right track.


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