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Future-Proof your Business by Taking Decisive Action Now!

At Digital Presence we are feeling grateful – grateful for the continued support from you, our clients, and grateful to be part of your business. 

The coronavirus is a global crisis currently dominating every aspect of our lives;  our personal interactions have been halted, our social mobility has been curbed and many of us have been confined to our homes.

At Digital Presence we’ve taken proactive measures to ensure that we maintain the same level of platform accessibility for our clients by providing an uninterrupted service to the many businesses using our services.

These are very uncertain times and our natural reaction would be to baton down the hatches and ride out this pandemic until the dawn breaks on the other side.  But, amidst all of this uncertainty, many of us are business-owners with responsibilities;  employees to look out for, rents to pay, financial obligations to fulfill and we will need to very carefully manage our actions now to ensure that our businesses can weather this storm.

This is the time to be creative, to be resourceful, to be strong.  This is not about profiteering or benefiting from a crisis.  This is about future-proofing your business, being there for consumers when they’re feeling vulnerable and isolated, and taking real and decisive action to sustain your business.

The government currently has a number of initiatives in place to support small and medium-sized businesses financially, offering temporary relief, increasing instant or accelerated asset-write-off, backing investment and a range of other such stimulus packages.  These initiatives have been designed to manage cash flow challenges, retain employees and provide financial relief for distressed businesses. You can find out more about this on the Treasury website.

Circumstances are ever-evolving as governments try to deal with the rapid spread of the virus.  Some of the changes have forced us indoors and more and more people are being coaxed online to do their shopping, seek out social interactions and look for information and answers.  On the other hand, the widespread uncertainty has caused many businesses to rethink their business strategies, and more specifically, their digital marketing strategies.

As business-owners, we understand that businesses will take whatever course of action they can in an attempt to keep their business afloat but we believe this is the time to shift to long-term thinking.  The coronavirus has accelerated mass-digitalisation and consumers are rapidly becoming accustomed to availing themselves of online services, thereby forming new consumer habits.  Although it’s not yet clear what the lasting impact of the pandemic will have, it is clear that consumer habits are changing and more and more people around the world are becoming accustomed to making use of digital services.

Whilst each business must make immediate decisions based on their individual circumstances, we believe that we are currently being presented with opportunities disguised as obstacles.  The rapid move to digital platforms means this might be the ideal time to update your website, work on your SEO, connect with your customers and upscale your digital presence.

Now is the right time to consider investing in long-term digital gains by activating your online efforts and giving your business the best chance of being able to compete in the current ‘new norm’, once the virus has been halted.

Thank you for your continued support!


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