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New and Exciting Digital Marketing Ideas to Improve your Brand Growth

Marketing strategies are as different and unique as the businesses that run them.  Digital marketing is not an exact science based on a one-size-fits-all strategy.  The speed at which information travels across the internet means that trends are fleeting and sentiment for and against is in constant ebb and flow.


To improve your brand growth and online digital presence requires the creation of an innovative digital marketing strategy that’s not static.  Strategies that incorporate collecting and analysing real-time data and include a range of different approaches offer businesses the best chance at online success by tweaking and modifying their marketing approach based on this mined information.

There are numerous new and exciting digital marketing ideas your business can use to boost your brand growth.  Consider the following:


  1. Chat bots:

Humans are naturally sociable beings who enjoy connecting and interacting, especially online.  Chat convincingly simulate human conversations.  The benefit of chat bots is that your business can be constantly engaging with your online and potential customers regardless of whether you are online or not.  Many chat bots now have sophisticated natural language processing systems, backed by ever-evolving AI, that have practical applications in customer service and information acquisition.


  1. SEO for Voice Search

The rapid growth in popularity of voice technology like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana means it’s imperative that you think about gearing up your website to facilitate this fast-growing form of online search.  Evolving technology has contributed to a reduced error rate with voice searches, thereby improving the overall user experience.

Large tech firms have already invested heavily in this form of user technology making it a definite trendsetter in the SEO department.  Capitalise on the fastest growing form of search technology and leverage the benefits by incorporating this SEO tool into your digital marketing strategy.


  1. Ephemeral Content

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a very real thing that has intensified with the global connectivity of the internet.  Ephemeral content is any visual content, video or photo, that it available for a finite period of time.  This temporary content takes advantage of an audience’s FOMO and is designed to elicit an immediate reaction to time-bound content.

Ephemeral content is unique in that it flies in the face of usual marketing endeavours of creating timeless content that evokes engagement and a response over a long period of time.  Because ephemeral content is fleeting, it becomes more valuable.  A by-product of its impermanence is the exclusivity of having viewed this content and, as customers will be keen to stay up to date, they will be routinely flicking through the platforms on which this content is posted.  Businesses can easily exploit this by regularly posting ephemeral content and not only become part of the routine flicking but develop a deeper, almost intimate, connection with its customers.

Not all digital marketing ideas are suitable for all business types.  By consulting with an experienced digital marketing company, you will receive expert advice from industry specialists on how to improve your digital presence and your brand growth by creating a living digital marketing strategy that can evolve and change to meet your business needs

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