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SEMrush’s 2023 State of Search – trends and what to predict

Do you often find yourself wondering how to stay updated in an ever-changing digital landscape?

The behaviours of searchers are constantly evolving, making it challenging for brands that heavily rely on online performance to adapt. However, there are two reasons why you can find some reassurance in this reality: 

(1) You’re not alone in this position

(2) You’ve come across this blog that will give you a summary of the 2023 State of Search study according to Semrush’s comprehensive annual analysis of Google updates, search behaviours, and SEO activities.

The study utilised a wide range of tools and reports, including data from the Semrush Sensor database, Domain Analytics, Traffic Analytics, and more, to assist you in optimising your SEO strategy and outperforming your competition. Through the analysis, trends are highlighted by examining recent search data and comparing 2022 to 2021, to see how people searched, industries performed, and search engine results pages (SERPs) changed worldwide.

Analysis of the 2023 study reveals that the past year presented significant challenges in terms of online traffic. There were clear distinctions between winners and losers, and nearly every industry felt the impact of changes in SERPs and Google’s ranking methodology.

Have a look at the data yourself and consider your thoughts on the performance of mobile versus desktop and what recent updates might indicate about Google’s direction. 

Will the industries that faced setbacks in 2022 adapt and bounce back stronger in 2023? Will Google continue to keep us guessing with the frequency of its updates? And how will the State of Search evolve once again in 2024?

Here’s a summary of the findings:




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