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The Power of Google Ads in Increasing Revenue for Online Stores

Google ads or PPC is fast becoming the go-to digital marketing strategy for eCommerce Brands

Statista has revealed that global online sales are on a continued upwards trajectory, with sales to reach an estimated $4.5 trillion by the end of this year. Australia has the 4th largest online shopping market and continues to grow especially due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

These statistics are met with the influx of online consumers and a demand for online businesses. Ecommerce retailers have a mass opportunity to grow their brand and create a streamline of profits through their sales funnel.

But how? 

Yes, consumers are in abundance but how do you ensure your online store is attracting the right people….. Google Ads!

Our top 5 tips to attract customers through PPC

    • Customisation: Google Ads is never stagnant (unless left to be so) and it’s messaging can be changed to suit your campaign or consumer trends
    • Targeted Keywords: As Neil Patel quotes, ‘Paid ads take the guesswork out of keywords’
    • A/B Testing: Preview live results and understand how to best relate to your target market
    • CTA: You have the choice to include landing page links and a contact phone number in your Google Ads campaign
    • Retargeting tools: Send targeted ads to users who clicked your ad but were not ‘converted’


When creating your Google Ads campaign you may choose to create your copy based on the overall product category or service you offer. For example the PPC campaign we created for our client Wedderburn originally had a copy focused on scales and industry grade weighing systems. Aligned with their keywords, this copy was generating a steady flow of conversions and traffic to the online store.

However towards the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, when the consumer behaviours began to shift, we recognised an opportunity to customise their PPC campaign. Working from home was slowly becoming the norm and businesses were moving away from cash handling. Therefore, Point of Sales systems became in demand and smaller scales that could be used in home offices were popularised. Elevating the Google Ads campaign to suit; Wedderburn’s online traffic grew exponentially! increased conversions from their PPC ads by more than 10x in just a year. Customising campaign messaging to suit business aims and objectives, whilst responding to consumer trends will ensure your eCommerce business continues to grow.

Targeted Keywords

Google traffic is buyers traffic! According to a survey by Clutch ⅓ people said they will click on paid search because it answered their search query. 

All Google Ads campaigns are based on a selected amount of specific keywords relevant to your brand, business, good or service. Many factors should go into the decision making process of which keywords are best for conversion, and therefore we would recommend enlisting an expert to conduct thorough market research to recognise terms with high buyer intent. 

With a reliable PPC campaign and a curated selection of keywords you will see immediate results.

SEO is a long-term strategy and may take a few months to reach its full potential. It’s best practice to include a Google Ads campaign alongside SEO as they work well in tandem, creating consistency in search results. When your online store appears on Google in both the paid and organic sections, this will exhibit brand credibility to customers encouraging them to ADD TO CART now!

A/B Testing

PPC campaigns are not only known for their instant results but also their instant reports. Google Ads enables you to test a range of campaigns that may differ in images, videos, copy or CTA. It is through comparison and testing of different campaigns that you will understand the best way to relate to your target market. 

Instead of focusing costs and resources into a campaign with no real knowledge of its effectiveness, this testing method will offer immediate results so you can prioritise your energy into a well-researched Google Ads campaign. Cut costs, eliminate inefficiencies, improve your business’ traffic… the list will go on, when you develop a bespoke PPC strategy for your online store!

CTA links

‘White cotton skirt’

Imagine the number of searches and potential customers that would be entering similar phrases everyday. Google Ads is recommended by Neil Patel as the best platform to drive eCommerce sales conversions, and one of the many reasons behind his recommendation is the ease in which you can direct traffic to your website.

When creating your PPC strategy you may include CTA links alongside the ad copy. A convincing copy followed by direct links is the perfect recipe to increase website traffic which in turn will improve sales. If you are an online service company and offer consultations a phone number can be included here too.

The Digital Presence experts are working with our client Digistor to direct targeted traffic to their store. Additionally, to the CTA displayed on Google Ads, we have included their listings in Google Shopping. This is a great digital marketing strategy for online stores with a high volume of products enabling Google to showcase product pages relevant to a search.

Retargeting Tools

Google has integrated technology into their Google Ads platform that will ‘follow’ potential customers as they browse through the internet. Consumers may not always complete their purchase immediately after clicking your campaign ad or for a number of reasons could decide to look elsewhere.

Utilising PPC, customised ads to target users who abandoned their carts can be created. Google’s retargeting code will display this campaign to consumers across the search engine’s ad spaces to direct them back to your Online store and complete their purchase!


Do you want your eCommerce website to maximise sales and revenue? The team at Digital Presence is skilled in all things Google Ads, keywords and customisation. Leverage the knowledge of our experts today and implement a bespoke PPC strategy to realise your online potential! Call 1300 867 726 😀

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