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Why a strong Digital Presence is Important for your Business

A strong online presence is advantageous for any business and now with the impacts of COVID-19 it’s obvious this is no longer just an ‘option’

Recognised as an essential asset, the state government in Victoria ( describes a digital presence as being ‘more than a website’. An enriching online presence is a combination of channels across technology such as social media, email, mobile apps, online ads and more, contributing to the company’s digital exposure.

Reaching your target market

A great website and a branded email address is a good start to establishing your digital presence, but just because your business is online that doesn’t mean it’s seen. Small businesses especially need to harness the power of the digital marketplace to reach their potential.

This is where SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Marketing comes into play!

SEO ensures your web pages have been optimised with relevant keywords, content and formatting so that Google places you high in the search rankings. For example, if you are a law firm owner based in Sydney CBD specialising in criminal law SEO will help you reach your target market of Sydney-based clientele with relevant search queries.

SEO directs traffic, but most importantly it directs qualified traffic improving your conversion rate.

Google Ads or PPC, is a complimentary digital marketing strategy that will work alongside your SEO campaign. Google Ads is customisable and displays your company in relevant search results. It does not need time like SEO to be established, therefore achieving immediate results in terms of visibility for your brand – taking the guesswork out of keywords!

The Real Estate industry is inundated with competitors vying for that top spot on Google. Stand out in the digital marketplace with a strong PPC campaign that highlights your business offerings to searchers. If your Real Estate company is releasing new land in South-West Sydney, a Google Ads campaign targeting searches for land packages in Hoxton Park and other surrounding suburbs, will reach your ideal clientele translating into sales!

Adapting to trends

As the world continues to move towards a highly digitised way of living, businesses need to adapt to stay relevant. Although online capabilities for companies have increased, small businesses ‘still lag across these measures of digital adoption’ (

Social Media is an ideal strategy to build lasting relationships with your target market and establish a memorable online presence. If you have an eCommerce business or own an online store, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are essential.

With regular posting of products, online stores can create an enriching visual aid for their consumers through social media. The algorithm of these channels will direct browsing consumers to active and relevant pages. Consequently, it’s important to include CTAs to filter traffic to your website and proceed to ‘add to cart’.

Following the impacts of COVID-19, businesses have been pushed into the online space. The construction industry is experiencing a boom, and business owners are realising the importance of a strong digital presence to remain competitive. If you own a construction business and don’t have a website, social media page or PPC campaign, you are losing profit to your competitors every day!

The team at Digital Presence is skilled in strategies to boost your online presence. Leverage our wealth of knowledge to realise your online potential when you implement a bespoke PPC campaign, SEO strategies, and social media plan! Call 1300 867 726

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