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Digital Presence Invited to New South Wales Leaders


One of 16 Businesses Selected for Leadership

NEW SOUTH WALES LEADERS have selected Digital Presence as one of the 16 leading growth companies to become Future Leaders Members. Honoured by the invitation, Digital Presence is excited for the following years of expansion opportunities as part of this thriving community of business leaders.

An Exciting Opportunity For Huge Business Growth

As participants in the twelve-month leadership program, followed by another two years as alumni, Digital Presence are very favourably positioned for considerable growth beyond their already impressive success. With the exciting opportunity to be a part of a community of business experts and mentors, Digital Presence are humbled and ready to take full advantage of the opportunity.

The State’s Leading Decision Makers

New South Wales Leaders is a prestigious organization that fosters business excellence through the mentorship and support of up and coming businesses. The Future Leaders Series provides participants with the fundamentals required to grow a thriving business. Offering the opportunity to hone their business skills, participants are exposed to the insights of some of the state’s foremost business leaders in an environment that accelerates progress and produces outstanding results.

Innovators and Digital Leaders

Known for their globally engaged operations, the team at Digital Presence provides top-level support to businesses of all sizes. Recognised for bringing fresh digital marketing, capable of generating powerful results in both local and international markets, Digital Presence are constantly innovating using cutting edge strategy.

“We’re incredibly honoured and humbled by the invitation to be a part of the New South Wales Leaders and the entire team is excited for the progress we’ll be able to implement as part of such an exciting and prestigious community of business leaders.”

– Olga Ramos, Co-founder/Director

Leaders of the Future

Digital Presence is one of only 16 leading companies to be invited. Co-founder, Olga Ramos will benefit from access to an exclusive network of New South Wales’ leading decision makers. These newfound relationships serve not only to foster even greater levels of success in the chosen companies, but to build and maintain a strong and healthy business community in New South Wales that serves continued growth to new levels of excellence, for today and the future.

Local Service On a Global Platform

The Digital Presence team is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to build their dreams with powerful approaches in digital marketing. Digital Presence has the expertise to leverage the latest developments in the digital world to establish dominance in the local market and internationally. Offering services that include SEO, brand building, website ranking, social media campaigns and content writing, Digital Presence are set to thrive, having already opened a second office outside of Sydney in The Hills District.

Contact the Digital Presence team at 1300 867 726 to discover more about their services.

Why is it important to be aware of these changes?

With this new intelligent technology, Google will be switching its primary indexing to Mobile based. As more people start to search online using their voice as the most common method, there will be more demands of AI to be able to follow up with detailed tasks. These virtual assistants will be booking movie tickets and other events, diner reservations and travel amongst other things. And where do you think all these devices will be looking for their chosen service providers? The number 1 ranking on Google’s first page of course!

The rise of the virtual assistant will make digital marketing more competitive than ever as these devices will be completely reliant on successful SEO strategy. It’s important to start taking these changes into consideration now, so you can stay ahead of the game and win business for your company in the future.

Don’t panic! Digital Presence Solutions are Australia’s leading SEO experts so we can take care of your SEO strategy for you! We’re always on top of the latest trends and providing powerful solutions to enable our clients to succeed online.

Give us a call to discuss how we can help you take your online presence to the next level today 1300 867 726

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